Exclusive Unchained Weapon

I do know it got its threads ages ago, but i would like to pray again for an unchained exclusive weapon.

So here is my / are my idea´s:

The Unchained should get a chain/firechain. I thought about some ways to play with it.

  1. The chain makes the unchained to a melee-only career like the slayer.
  • You can´t equip any staff as long as you use the chain. It´ll takes both weapon slots for itself.

  • Melee-weapon-slot: The chain works like a greatsword specialized on waveclear.

  • Ranged-weapon-slot: The chain got strong AP/HS/singletarget-dmg. It could be played like an axe/glaive with it´s heavys.

  • Heavy attacks spreads dot´s to the enemies.

  • yeah, specials would be hard to handle, but that´s why this idea is based on crowd control on every normal enemy, so that a BH/Hunter/whatever could do his job (special / bosskilling) with more freedom.

  • This is personally my favorite idea, because it would be really something special on Sienna.


  1. The chain is a standardweapon + you can equip staff´s. I would differentiate between 2 options here:

a) The chain is played like a flail with lower AP, but with dots. You can swing it (load your heavy) endless.

b) The chain goes more again in the direction of a great /exe - sword. But it has something special.
You can´t longer remover overcharge with blocks, but if you´re nearly max. charged (red bar) you can use your special-weapon-button to burn out the ground in front of you (120degrees effect). If you hit atleast 3 enemies or a boss with it, the half of your overcharge will be removed.

That´s all so far…

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