Exchanging Illusions/Reds

Receiving duplicate illusions/reds rather than the ones you’d be interested in, is rather frustrating.
To circumvent this, It’d be nice if it would be possible to :

1.Exchange extracted illusions for other illusions from some sort of “Market” or “Trade Deport”.
2.Exchange reds for other reds, so that rather than getting items that I wont be using and getting frustrated, instead these items would be viewed as currency to acquire red items you would use (again, some sort of “Market” or “Trade Deport”).

Both of these would go a long way to mitigating bad RNG and to alleviate frustrations with being given loot (especially repeated loot) that wont get used. The exact exchange rates of which are up to the devs, assuming this idea would be considered. In such an event, I’d suggest 1 red weapon in exchange for another, perhaps even only within the same category/class, as well as 1 red utility item in exchange for another, as well as the option to exchange multiple red utility items in exchange for a red weapon of choice.
Similiarly the same could be done with Illusions, ranking them from most common/least decorative to most decorative, and thus setting the exchange rates that way.

Also I’d like to note I’m not suggesting this be done between players, I’d like to see this as a purely NPC function.

~Regards GhostRider.

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