Excessive Target Highlighting (The sound cue)

Some players are beginning to bind their highlight button to left click.

This is a great idea and solution and I do not ask we change any of it.

The issue is the excess sound cue that continues to happen. Most players do not intend to abuse this and I do believe players that bind their highlight to left click are only trying to help.

My solution? After 3 highlights within a second, disable the sound cue for 5 seconds, please. The highlight can continue playing their favorite Christmas song to its heart content.

My reason? On diff4+ there are sometimes 5+ elites, throw in a special or 2, and bam! its Christmas! Hearing the highlight cue 10 times in a few short seconds, in a game where sound cues have huge weight to each fight, can be quite annoying.


I assumed they did intend to abuse it to get everyone’s attention, but either way it’s annoying and the sound effect should have cooldown timer.

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Im starting to believe they are doing it for attention

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