Essense Syphon bug

Issue Summary:

This is essentially the old bug that’s been closed due to inactivity. I’m just providing a related log of it given that it’s still happening to me.

console-2019-01-08-22.48.06-68377561-C33B-4CFE-BCA2-245D.log (676.7 KB)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Be an Unchained Sienna, with Essense Syphon talent chosen
  2. Be in “downed once, will die on next downing” state, with no temp HP
  3. Watch a monster die next to you (medium distance, say, 10-15m?)
  4. Expect to be cauterized with the yellow flash of healing, but get nothing, still “bleeding” (QoL mod shows you as such, grayish effects still persist)

Reproduction Rate (Choose One): Rare (< 10%) – had this at least twice now

Additional Information:

PC. Feels like it’s tied to scripting, i.e. missing temp HP. No THP, no healing trigger, no cauterization. Or might be an AoE around the boss at killing blow time? The talent states “clears any wound and converts temp HP”, so no HTP shouldn’t mean no wound clearing…

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