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So it is not safe to assume that when players do something a lot, it means that they like it/enjoy it.

And high playtime does not equal enjoyment/satisfaction, even though you could be doing a bigillion other more enjoying/satisfying things.

Well iff Fatshark was using playtime data/sales as a benchmark for success, then they where probably confused, and assuming the game is doing fine.

If anybody at Fatshark reads this, it will probably help them a lot, who woulda thought big sales, and high playtime equals bad game, cant recommend.

It takes ages to level a character and most people probably assume the game is different at max level, so they invest tens of hours into the game, then reach the end and go “is this is?” but if you look at metrics it probably says a majority of the players played for over 50 hours, which looks good.

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Fellow Gentlemen of the “Alliance of Vermintide veterans & Illuminati Inc.” …

We have been discovered. Our scheme has been exposed to the world and we can not act in the shadows any longer. The time of spiteful review bombing is over, the time for Really-real-bombing is now! Rise up from the depths, cast off your disguises and march! March to victory!!!


Ok, so this is fair if you say both systems are bad :slight_smile:.

I feel like it’s more akin to OP asking us why we won’t eat this delicious cake merely because the icing is made out of dog turds.

“But the cake underneath is super good, guys!”


Even the positive reviews address the fact that the game has glaring issues.


Im begging OP to learn what a review bomb is and not to just accept subpar content he pays for.


The thing is that the love that the devs have for this game really shines through. I am genuinely impressed with the level of the gunplay. It is not perfect, but it’s night and day compared to Vermintide.

The programming geek in me is also monumentally impressed that they are rocking their own engine. This may not be the financially best thing to do (game engines are complicated pieces of software) but if I were in the games industry I’d want to be on an engine team pushing the FPS as much as I could and leaving the actual game design to others.

To each their own :).

It’s ok that the game is at Mixed, because that’s how the community sees it.

It’s not been review-bombed, there’s just no option other than “good” or “bad” to speak of. Lots pf people think the game is in a decent state, lots of people don’t, those two things are totally fine. If anything, this >100 count thread of people talking about whether or not the game deserves a Mixed rating means it DOES deserve a Mixed rating.

Our opinion of this game is, in true actuality, mixed. The rating stays.


Stay relax
The post author just needs fatshark social credit points

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Nah this game gets a bad review untill it has a scoreboard.

I’m shocked and appalled. Making reasonable, logical points patiently and clearly? HOW DARE YOU SIR.

lmao, there aren’t “lots of people” who think the game is in a decent state, even a good portion of the positive reviews mention that they aren’t satisfied with one or more features, or lack thereof, of the game.

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Do most of your issues with the game fall into those categories. If we can all agree on at least what are the major issues we all have, we can all push in the same direction.

This game is an utter disaster. My 350 hours of gameplay has been nothing, but torcher. It’s absolutely disgusting the way my LG CX displays all of the fantastic 40k architecture and violence in 4k at 120hz, but then I can’t buy the cosmetics the way I want to… The animations perfectly responding to each blow of violence along with the greatest dynamic soundtrack. The all too dynamic lighting of flashlights and explosions. The total lack of rubber banding when a mutant throws my teammate to the ground and brutally pummels them. It’s all completely ruined by the fact that I can’t select the mission I want to play over and over again by myself because that’s the way I want to cheese the game… they should definitely make Heresy easier right?
The best combat and weapons I’ve ever experienced in a game are all overshadowed by the fact that I can’t put the attachment I want to on the barrel like in other games. Games are best when they copy other games I enjoy. I love the conformity and monotony.
I can’t wait for the class action lawsuit against these devs because how dare they release a game without making it exactly to my liking and the fact that they are making no concessions is even more infuriating. My neckbeard now has a rash and I think I’ve ruined my fedora in that last tantrum.

Dont mind if i do…


is this post the equivalent of steam forum posts that are made just to farm clown/jester rewards?
what do you get out of this? at least post it on steam – you can’t get clown rewards here.


Of course you can: Fantastic Work, Great Game - #3 by Lexa

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Already did