Engines of War is goofy af

during the first minute (yes minute) of the event with the barrels there were 13 gas rats, 3 gunners, 3 grab rats, and 2 gutters. Just a bit over the top :skull_and_crossbones:

Engines of War Barrel Event

  • Each doomwheel has 3 raw-spawned stormvermin guards around it.
  • Pacing Control is not disabled until a doomwheel is sucessfully destroyed. However, hordes and specials will likely be limited during the event due to event spawns increasing intensity and threat systems values. They remain however possible.
  • The event first consist of a repeating wave of 2x event_small with a Globadier, then once the barrels are reached of a different repeating wave of a singular plague monk and an event_small.
  • Destroying a doomwheel disables Pacing Control and spawns additional slave rats.
  • The event ends when the last doomwheel is destroyed, with a last event_medium from the exit gate and an event_smaller from the camp itself. Pacing Control is turned back on after those are cleared. Expect a wave of specials due to the lack of use of Specials control.

It’s very important to push to the barrels first, so the globadiers stop spawning, and then destroy at least one doomwheel quickly, that should do the trick.

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