Engineer FF vs Unchained/Handmaiden

It makes playing them an absolute pain, when they should have good synergy, because they can both defend him.

Unchained, because he can blow you up.

Handmaiden, because of Focused Spirit. Needed for Power on pushes, because other Talents don’t give any or it’s applied after the push.

There’s also a bug/possible bad choice made with Engineer’s DMGR Talent being able to be FF’d too.


They showed with Longshanks in the BBB that they’re very capable of turning off FF as a trigger for these kinds of abilities. Time they cleaned up the other abilities that need the same love.

Blood Magic and Focused Spirit seem like no brainer fixes to me. There’s no reason they should interact with FF the way they currently do.


I find it an absolute pain that non Bomb Balm UC can down a Zealot on 1hp with passive on cd


Don’t think friendly fire can be avoided from a minigun, if there is friendly fire at all.

That said, they could add no friendly damage trait(I miss no friendly damage bomb from V1 ) to trinket if respawn speed is a thing.

Tbh, I don’t think our ultimates should do FF.

Ranged weaponry, yes.

Ultimates, no.

It’s been almost 3 years and you can still down your teammates with BH ult even after Fatshark reduced the FF from ultimate abilities.

It’s something they have never had to balance before so it should be removed.

Yeah, exactly. An ultimate which gives you THP ends up being your demise.

Reminder that UC ult aimpunches herself

To be fair, in Beta I could oneshot full health slayer with bounty’s ult, now it’s like taking a good chunk of health.

The minigun feels more like a complicated range weapon rather than an ultimate with different requirement to charge it and how it performs.

It’s still a lot more than the other ultimates that deal friendly fire.

I accidentally killed the elf in a game last night and they thought I did it on purpose but I was aiming for the chaos warrior. I didn’t even see the elf and found out that the elf player was standing inside me…

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