[ENEMY IDEA] Chaos Warhounds

This I think would really fit into an alternative to the roaming patrols.

So far we have roaming storm vermin who seem to aggro by sight, and the roaming chaos warriors that seem to aggro by proximity.

What I was thinking is what if there is a roaming pack of dogs, and they aggro from the scent of blood! Then people would be shove killing rats to prevent bleeding. The other method of aggroing them could be by sound.

Another aspect of my idea is that these hounds will be faster than the normal horde, so if you can finish them fast you just need to hold out against the remaining chaos warriors/ratmen, as they fight their barking would draw more enemy spawn.

I have thought of a few of these warhound’s attack strategies. The first attack would be when the dog pounces at the player from the front. I think it would be cool to have a move LIKE the assassin rat, but that doesn’t fully incapacitate you. For example, the chaos warhound leaps at Kruber, tries to bite him but ends up biting his weapon. The player can’t move or look around, but can either try to shove the hound off, or attack it with his weapon. Depending on the weapon one method could be more effective than the other, but the logic is shove to knock back, attack to try and kill but risk being damaged.

They should also try to perform a leaping strike that will knock a player back from the sides or behind, unlike every other spawn in the game that seems to just run at you, these dogs could circle you slowly and try to catch you off guard.

Finally there could be Poison Warhounds as well. Think about it.


Wow that’s a bad-ass idea!

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Maybe make them only aggro from the scent of hero blood. So you could still kill other enemies, but if you take damage when they’re near the aggro!


Meanwhile, venting as Sienna :thinking:

Makes them sound like fun counters, like mage-hounds that hunt magic-users but sturdy enough to take a few hits from a heavy melee weapon.

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