Enemies enter map though a wall (missing door model/texture) on Consignment Yard

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On the Consignment Yard map, in the large room that serves as the hacking mid-event where you collect the cooling rods in Power Matrix, there is apparently a missing door model/texture that gives the appearance of enemies walking out of a plain wall. In the picture below, it is right where the location marker can be seen. This is the middle of the three side rooms under the platform with the medicae station.

Steps to Reproduce (Required):

  1. Play Consignment Yard map.
  2. Navigate to the big room that serves as the control rod collection mid event in Power Matrix.
  3. Proceed to the far side of the room from where you enter. In the middle of the 3 side rooms is a wall where enemies will spawn and enter the map as though it were a door. This is most easily observed during a horde spawn.

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Consignment Yard HL17-36

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Yes, but I haven’t tried disabling them

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Constant (100%)

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PC - Steam

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I forgot to take a screenshot, but I ran a Power Matrix mission just yesterday and there is one of those shutter doors on this wall in that map. Consignment Yard just seems to be missing that.

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