Enemies at the Very Start of Level at Pinnacle of Nightmares

I’d like to report another issue, not sure if it’s bug or not, however.
Enemies can stand right near to start position of the level. I’ve seen it multiple times at Pinnacle of Nightmares, not sure about the reast of the map.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Pinnacle of Nightmares.
  2. Watch your back right at the start of level.

Here’s a screenshot of the issue happening. I loaded into the map and heard some rats breathing into my ear. Turns out those were some clan rats and plague monks right behind us. They were just standing there… menasingly. Bots and rats ignored each other for several seconds similarly to when a player loads into the running game and is ignored by enemies for few moments. Then bots regained conciousness and killed monks. The end.

P.S. It’d be nice if bots were not affected by blood tornados at all, it throws them off the rhytm.


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