Endurance Bar & Sprinting

V1 had an invisible Endurance mechanic where each Character had X number of dodges before they became tired depending on the weapon they were using. It was an oversight of the devs to make it not visible but modders fixed it easily enough., so that you can see when you are tired from too much dodging.

So…it would not be difficult at all to implement a visible Endurance Bar in V2 where each class had a different value. Each time you dodge you lose some endurance, and you regain endurance when not doing something strenuous. Then we can have a sprint button that drains the endurance bar linearly. A sprint will allow us to catch up to teammates if we get separated, rush over to save someone who is downed, or get behind cover when underfire.

As a bonus to certain classes, a selectable talent should allow the sprint to have an added sprint attack at the end (draining more endurance as a result) and causes maximum stagger.

Enemies are already charging and running at you with pointy things, (and now sometimes unavoidable thanks to the current patch) why can’t we do the same?

Make this a thing FS!

There still is the same effective dodge count mechanic in V2.

Sprinting would result in the standard movement across the level to be sprinting. Result is the same as now: others need to wait or come back a bit if people get separated. Not to mention that using all your endurance to try to catch up with others would be foolish since then you can’t dodge sudden Gutter Runners. The grouped up people can feasibly use more of their endurance since they have each other to protect themselves, so if they are continuing as normal your distance is more likely to just grow.

There is another problem about such sprinting mechanics: realism.
While I don’t really think that realism is hugely important matter when it comes to games, there should be some actual benefit to going against it. Why it is not realistic mechanic? Unless the characters have so much endurance that the mechanic does not limit them at all, these so called “heroes” would have even less endurance than me (and I’m fat guy with asthma). And when I can run longer than them, there is something clearly unrealistic about the mechanic.


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