Endgame Gameplay Loop

Historically Tide games have had weak reasons to continue grinding the game out when you hit level 30, I feel like outside of blessing unlocks and build theorycrafting/ farming for crafting materials there isn’t much of a draw to playing the game, I enjoy these things to a degree but at some point new unconnected maps and weapons/classes will only add so much more lifetime to the game for me.

I don’t know what Flash missions will entail, but if I had to guess, it sounds like an abbreviated length mission, In my opinion there is a great framework for future updates that is already loosely laid down, and with a little direction and planning could be achieved reasonably painlessly.

I think a new mission type called Salvage, where the objective is to do something interesting and different I have a few different ideas for what you could do, but the mission itself does not need explaining for the purpose of this idea. The important part of the salvage mission is that if you successfully complete a mission you get a single “mission token” that carries over between games.

I have two different ideas on how “mission tokens” could be spent in a satisfying way.

  1. On all maps there is an additional doorway added that cannot be opened unless a player spends a “mission token” to open the door, this doorway leads to a special challenge that if completed, will give additional EXP/Credits and a token to upgrade a weapon to a higher rarity (ie red items from vt2)

  2. Another new mission type called Recovery, that can only be played if all players have a “mission token”, The objective of the mission would be to recover some sort of archeotech supply cache from somewhere, a lot of cool places could be used for these missions, it could be something like busting up an upperhive archeotech smuggling operation or something as grand as looting a spacehulk that has drifted into the sector. The reward for said mission would be an upgrade token that you could use at Hadron’s crafting station to upgrade existing weapons (ie red items)

Those are just some of my ideas, I am curious as to what the community wants from the endgame going forward.


A six player last stand mode is one of my pipedreams.

Could have special abilities to unlock, defenses to build, random buffs to acquire, or just plain basic gameplay.

Go nuts Fatshark, finally do something fun with your formula. Get creative!