End of the match scorecards

Interested to see what the choice is in terms of the endgame scorecards. I know green circle chasers weren’t very popular and some might say were an unhealthy element of the game.

Keen to see the direction fatsharks takes this. Effective team play is a difficult thing to quantify.


I really hope they add other information, like how much people benefitted from your Stagger, or damage increases on enemies. Using green circles to see the strength of your build isn’t a bad thing, and it should be able to be used to see how much you benefit your team too.


Absolutely, I think in its current version they are metrics that favour solely dps rather than team play. I like the idea of a stagger metric. More stuff like this I think would be welcomed by many


That board rewards shitty gameplay. I’d either like to see it removed entirely or a new version of it that recognizes way more team work play.

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Scoreboards do not matter, because they rarely show actual experience and teamplay. Good players recognize other good players by how the react during different situations and how they behave as a member of the team.


An Ironbreaker uses taunt on a Chaos Patrol and brings them into a position where they dont face the team, so the team can kill it fast and efficiently from behind. That is good teamplay that wont be shown on the scoreboard.

Now another Ironbreaker who uses his shield to constantly stagger trash instead of killing it. Doesnt help, because all he does is wasting time until another teammember kills the trash, but his actions would be shown on the scoreboard for stagger.

Another example:

Your team comes to a “point of no return” and the first player reaching it waits and makes sure that his team is crossing the point together, so no one is left behind. That is a good teamplayer, but its not shown on the scoreboard.

Now we have the typical elf that runs forward without reacting to the team at all, but still kills a significant amount of enemies. That one doesnt wait and is the first and only one that crosses the point of no return, stressing out the other players who also just cross without looking and then they see how the last member got hit by a disabler on the other side, because he didnt cross yet. Thats not good teamplay, even though the elf will certainly have all the green circles.

Scoreboards simply dont matter.