End of beta last remarks

So, this should be the last week of the BBB, and I’m wondering what you all thought of it. Was this an overall buff, nerf, stayed the same? We’re the underperforming weapons/classes brought up to par? Did we find out who cousin okri is? Will we ever find who keeps stealing those brushes?

I think the beta was actually overall really healthy for the game. So many weapons are really viable now, and some underperforming weapons are now at least viable.

In terms of classes, I believe handmaiden benefited the most since she was in a good spot already, and the changes really brought up some underused talents in line, and she’s a great medic now. The nerfs to shade and mercenary were fair. Bounty hunter unfortunately didn’t create a new meta or anything else since crossbow feels like it’s still the best. Brace of pistols is a little more viable though, but it was viable before. Huntsman changes were good, but still a bit lacking on ammo Regen. Bardin changes were strange, and I don’t think they made any important changes, but ranger vet melee is more viable (not that it was really that important to make viable). Unchained got a band aid fix for a broken system in my honest opinion.

Overall, I believe this was actually a net buff considering so many weapons were changed, and any weapon can be run on cata without seriously questioning your sanity. Falchion especially is good now with these buffs.

Will we see all these changes further improved? Will more careers be nerfed? Will we ever meet cousin Okri? Found out next time on Vermintide 2: beta 2: electric boogaloo.


An overall improvement to many weapons and careers. Huntsman, Bounty and Unchained should get priority in the coming updates. They are still in awkward states. A few weapons are still weak, and trait balance is an issue.


Not sure what the scope was of this beta, but I really hope traits will get looked at. Huntsman is in a fine spot in my opinion.

I really like the majority of changes, however I really don’t like sure shot, I think huntsman was in a better position pre-BBB

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Merc still needs more nerfs i think

Shield and Spear seems a weird change for me,its better but its so odd and feels like other weapons slightly

Glaive is good , Shade nerf ,Unchained with Mace is fun and Handmaiden ult and talents still weird

Overall sad to not see any loot changes(again) , i would love for my new friends to have a better time getting better stuff rolled.

Overall i like this beta and I like that fatshard tried even with all the salt going around.7/10 can’t wait for Chaos Wastes

They gutted Bouty hunter honestly with the removal of crit reset(inspired shot). BOP is most definately weaker now along with all the other ranged options not called crossbow. Not to mention that the weapon swap buff talent is bugged as all hell giving twice the bonus it should(and its still weaker than inspired shot). The rest I have much less strong opinions on. The only thing I would say is that Handmaiden should either have invis or bleed by default. Bladedancer should also bleed armored targets. Overall a good beta, I’m just sad that the last few weeks of it almost nothing happened.

Edit: I forgot to mention huntsman. From the relatively small amount of games I played with him I only had true enjoyment with longbow and handgun. The both fell really good to play now. Repeater feels the worst by far due to the number of sure shot stacks being insufficient to maintain its play style. Alot of people hat sure shot for various reasons, but my biggest issue is maulers and shotguns. These guys are probally the scariest enemy in the game for me especially when they do their running swipe through a horde. There are also very few weapons able to eliminate them quickly and efficiently making shotguns have a nice niche. Sure shot essentially removes that niche. Huntsman also has the exact same ammo sustain issue as BH of being locked into a talent for ammo sustain. BH being locked into scrounger, huntsman being locked into conservative shooter. I personally think they should just give back waste not want not.

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What confuses me is why, instead of just reducing Huntsman ult CD to make it competitive with Shade, they felt they had to re-invent the wheel and add completely new mechanics. If this kind of beta overhaul thing is so time intensive, why make life harder on yourselves?

Overall a buff to most weapons. Class changes are hit or miss. Glad they are engaging and taking feedback for a change, completely different experience (in a good way) compared to the WOM beta.

I’d ask a similar but different question. If this kind of beta overhaul is so time intensive, why run it while you are on vacation? I don’t think a single player here would have minded this beta being run during august, or even september.


I’m starting to think it’s because if they really are aiming for CW expansion by the end of the year, they want time to beta test that stuff.


Standard clueless devs doing dumb things and on top of it to no ones surprise they ignored the majority of feedback again.

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I don’t know what to say. (Talking about legend) for me BH and kru hunter were already good, very good. Having in team a good player using them (bh+xbox or kru+bow) meant 50% of the hard work already done (one shooting almost anything from far), they just needed someone to make space.
Sienna unc. was good, in the past, before the pre bbb situation, like a couple of patches ago? (I lost the track of them), this one is just… meh , too easy?
It should be a co-game, with the idea that every character lacks in something so it is necessary to play as a group, seems to me that the direction is that every character will be able to do everything, just each one will focus more on something particular, without any downside.
I would like weapons more related to reality, heavy is very slow, high damage, light is quick, low damage, I understand it’s a fantasy game, but if we want to balance something, it’s better to start from something known…
Anyway, overall, I don’t like the patch, imho what was needed was a full bug fixing and unused weapons fixing but in a more heavy hand way, I mean, I love the 2hh but if for balance sake it is necessary to make it slow like hell, just do it. Feels like there wasn’t a real analysis of every weapon problem, why shield are not viable? Because less powerful or is it because you don’t really need those? Almost any other weapon have enough parrying capabilities. Just think if the size of a weapon was taken in account for the parrying thing, try parrying a 2hh with a dagger, or try to intercept a rapier using a 2haxe. Do you understand what I am pointing at?

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Overall meh, very slight safe adjustments, reworks or unpopular and over popular choices rather than bad unsyneegistic talents, traits, weapons. While also backing down from some ambitious changes… though maybe for best.

Seemingly making changes from a statical Perspective than any experience or broad perspective.

Huntsman changes to his kit were most ambitious and interesting change but bad timing considering GK release.

Mediocre attempt at RV while still leaving him as a mix mash of roles.

Honestly a waste of time… unless inline with next career release. Should be done with every new career to mix up gameplay of old hero changes with new hero release. Only viable if a polished version of changes coming after beta with new career.

I mostly play elf.

Some weapon got buffed, but in areas where they were already overperforming.
Where they performed badly, though, for whichever reason it is, has not been addressed in any case.
They made the SB fun. And nerfed it immediately after.
They nerfed the top elf weapon picks, but for the wrong reasons.
Talentwise, some good (HM, Cloak of Mist), and some nerfs (bloodfletcher’s spewing blood on the sidewalk).

Overall I’d say everything is probably balanced for legend, but if you are a cata diehard, there’s really little to be said.

Honorable mention for the mace&shield, that’s been made into a pretty good weapon (I wonder if there’s a correlation between it getting good, accessible AP; and that… honhonhon)

Weapon rework on a broader scale (not traits or properties) and a Huntsman career rework.

  • I like the weapon reballance from what I tested, I disagree with a few nitpickpy points but its nothing im too upset over.

  • Footknight and Unchained changes are great.

  • Huntsman needs a complete rethink. I think his changes are really bad for the gameply identity.

  • Handmaiden and Shade have some cool new mechanics, but im not convinced they’ve quite found the sweet spot FK and UC have found.

  • The next big thing I hope the devs look at is item properties and traits. A lot of in-game inballance stems from here, crit chance is king due to how strong swift slaying is, there are a lot of awkward properties that sometimes do nothing, power talents require players to look at 3rd party spreadsheets to know if they will do anything worthwhile (and if you have power vs X on a map without X you just got nerfed), and there are a bunch of dead properties. Does anyone use Heroic Intervention, Inspiring shot or respawn speed?


I think they did a great job of removing some of the huge balance disparity between Weapons.

There are still issues, but I’m happy with what came out of it so far.

Glad they nerfed Swiftbow from the absurd state the initial buff put it in. It also worries me that Hagbane wasn’t changed, despite being pointed to as one of the most broken Ranged Weapons in the game by plenty of people.

Still want to see WS get her last 2 Talent rows shaken up, since you just take CDR + Ammo on Special.

HM is still my favourite Career, but her Ult and some of her Talents are slowly becoming way too situational. E.g. why can Zealot stand still and get hit at the start of the match and have power for the rest of it while HM has to dodge/push/not take damage, and go over people with the Ultimate to get buffs while FK/Slayer/Zealot barely have to.

Shade changes, and lack of some, is kind of questionable though.

Bardin’s Weapons feel better.

FK got a decent buff, which didn’t leave him overtuned.

Saltz gained some better Weapon choices.

Sienna got a nice Weapons buff, Flail especially feels like a mobile 2h Mace, with more damage.


I love what this Beta did. I like pretty much all of the weapon changes. (Most honorable mentions are M/H&S and falchion.) I feel no weapon has become overpowered or disproportionally better than its alternatives for their role, while a lot more weapons have become just plain good. My favorite thing about it is that I’ve never had as much fun playing Footknight as I have had playing him with Mace & Shield in this Beta. It’s how I’ve always wanted to play him. It’s perfect.

I must admit I have hardly tested Huntsman, Shade, or Bounty Hunter in this Beta, but I practically never played them before either. For everything else I have tested however, my feeling is that if this Beta goes live exactly as-is, I will personally be 100% satisfied and happy, and it will be a straight improvement to everything.

Also, I can actually understand why they did this Beta in the summer as well. Their schedule is probably already completely full for the next months with Chaos Wastes, and Versus, and maybe a new career, and whatever else they have going on that we don’t know about yet, so they probably decided to run this Beta with a skeleton crew in the quiet summer months where nothing else was going on anyways. They probably figured, and I concur by the way, that it was better than nothing. It might even be that they saw the popularity of the weapon rebalance mod and decided to run an impromptu Beta just on that. And I’m grateful for that: This Beta has undeniably resulted in an way better game overall.


This beta was undoubtedly a change for the better. And hey, let’s not forget we’re basically getting all of these changes for free. Even though I feel like some things could have been done better, I’m still grateful for what we got.


They took balance changes that was made and tested by someone else, which people mainly agreed upon. Then slapped on their own talent changes, which lo and behold, is pretty lackluster/bad. If it wasnt for the weapon balance, this patch would be trash. In other words, 1/10, since you cannot credit them for someone elses work.


Which just got reverted.

This BIG balance beta is starting to feel closer to a small hotfix.

I was actually talking about this with a friend yesterday, pretty much all that fatshark changed by themselves has been extremelly hit or miss, and very rarely agreed upon, a lot of those thing have been reverted.

It’s… sad, that the “good” changes are made by a mod they just slapped into the beta, and the actual changes made by the team show a worrying lack of awareness about how their own game plays.

The whole huntsman “rework” has been a clusterf*ck (the censorship of profanity on these forums gets really annoying sometimes you know? what’s the point even? vermintide 2 is PEGI 18 as far as I know.)

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