End Game Suggestions

So to start, I should probably introduce myself, I go by Nightchill on some gaming platforms, and I am a big fan of the Vermntide franchise overall, and I am an avid Action RPG player, and MMORPGs. I would consider myself a rather good player in the games I play. I have roughly 200 hours in Vermintide 2, and I primary play Legend and Champion.


Seasonal Play
Coming from a games like Diablo or Path of Exile this concept might not be strange to you, but for others. It’s a different kind of Game mode, where you start completely from scratch every time a season starts. All your Heroes will start at level 1 again, and so will your Power level. This would make you put in additional hours into the game, and when a season ends, your items, dusts, levels beyond 30, unopened lootboxes, and cosmetics will carry over to the regular game mode. Getting all the heroes to 30 should award you with some Keep Decoration.

Leader board

While Vermintide might not be that competitive for a lot of players, an introduction of a leader board in the terms of you will be competing with other players, outside of your team. You should be able to opt into the Leader board play, and it will be mostly played with Set affixes on the Heroic Deeds, so its fair game for everyone. Whoever complete the Heroic Deed fastest, gets the highest spot on the leader board. Tomes and Grimoires reduce the complete time, and deaths add time. The leader board system would play perfectly into the Seasonal Game mode, especially for its introduction. In terms of rewards I think, that should be up to FatShark to decide. Personally I think the Heroic Deeds when played for the Leader Board should have a guaranteed Generals/Emperors when you land in Top 50 on the leader board.

In terms of Difficulty, they will all be separate. Legend have one leader board, Champion have one, and so on.
To clarify, you won’t be competing within your team, and only with separate teams, as this is still an PvE game with the focus on Co-op. Nor do I want this game within the E-sport scene, I simply want some more friendly competition, and so the game lasts longer.

Cheers and keep slaying Rats and Chaos



This is for Casual and for ESL to Extrem.
I can understand the Spirit behind this, but this is for some like extrem Farming Game good.

The Problem is for Casual, why Player win special item in this Hardcore Farm modus, many Casual Player cannot Follow this.
Is like a Passive PVP or Challange.

And in ESL, he want just Action Play and Show, not Farming.

My Farming idea is, collect Materials to Combinate with a Extended Craft System,
maybe like socket slots in Weapons to fill with some craftet Gems.
Maybe some special Traits, extra Stats or a new Thing (or old from V1 :wink:

To Farm this Materials exist different Ways, like:
-finde some Ore in the Mine
-loot the Chest after killing the Boss
-collect Mushrooms in the Forest :wink:
-find a item near a Skeleton
(just pick up this Item, maybe like the Grim, but all Player in this Group become the Item at end.)

So have Extreme Player and Casual Player like the Same, Extrem Player just more from Same^^
And the “Fun” to Play again a Map have a deeper Farming sense behind. :slight_smile:

I don’t think seasons would fit well into this game, but it does need some form of end-game. Something involving constant character progression, be it gems you can level with cool traits or a way to imbue weapons to make them more powerful. People would support a game a lot more when there’s a steady climb to more power. Not cosmetics.

Nope, nope nope nope nope

Hell no, the game is so unbalanced and with EAC being easy to bypass it would just turn into a Cheat and Botfest just like Diablo.

Diablo 3 died for a reason.

Could you explain why you don’t think so? Some constructive feedback of why it wouldn’t fit? Saying Nope because you don’t like it, doesn’t help to make the game better in the end.

Its unbalanced right now, sure. Though I think if you aren’t running the game in a trusted state you shouldn’t have access to these modes. For Diablo 3, it “died” because its lack of getting content, and how its monotized, not because of its seasonal game mode. I still return every season to play it. Vermntide 2 should easily be able to put out new maps and such.

They would need to change how the current Power system works to do so, but I would also like to see some gems or enchants and such. As long as they are at least have some base in the Warhammer lore. I think people are willing to support the game as long as they enjoy it, no matter if its power increase or cosmetics. I would like both. For me some of the journey from 0 to 600 Power was really enjoyable, and that’s where seasonal play comes in too.

Could you explain why it wouldn’t?

How would you make a leader board? There is no GR content, what is the end game / end goal of a season? This game is already a time skink grindfest and with the limitation on drop rates and lack of scaling content it would be utterly pointless to ever pursue a seasonal career. Also, the further we stray from Blizzard’s trash tier games the better IMO

So basically you cheat get your season rewards and come back to playing the game normally? Cooooool

Because leveling was boring(I have every class at 30/600), and there’s no end-game progression. Both are required for people to be interested in repeating that every few months.

Edit: I should note, leveling wasn’t “boring” since every class was a new experience, but it’s not something I would enjoy repeating. D3 you could just get a power level in a few minutes and you’re onto the fun part of gearing.

Like I said in my original post,its about who does the maps in the fastest time, at least that’s my vision for it. However FatShark does it in theory is up to them. These are merely my suggestions.

There’s no need to trash talk other Developer’s games, borrowing ideas from other games is quite common after all.

I get what you mean, though that’s why I think the seasons should be spread a part a lot. Leveling and getting the power level up, and getting the good gear is what I find the most fun out of Vermintide 2. Though I think they really need to improve on the loot system, with introducing quests like they had in Vermintide 1, along with hopefully improved drop rates. Which would make the fun part of gearing.

I want this game to have a very long replayablity, and I hope my suggestions at least spark some ideas at Fatshark.

I wouldn’t mind it if you got to keep cosmetics that you already had for the new season characters so you didn’t get a copy of one you already had while playing the season champs.

Anything that you get during your season should transfer to your original game mode, but the new season champs should be a clean slate.

it not that way for cosmetic stuff in D3 just an fyi… like you can use pets you earned from other seasons and portrait borders

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