End game content

A lot of talk about end game content during these last 2 years from the community but nothing has really come fourth from the devs.
The main reason I quit the game early 2019 was due the fact that I had completed the game/story and there was nothing else to do but redo the same missions over and over and over and over. It took me no more than a week to complete the game on rec and no more than a week later legend was completed as well. This makes V2 one of if not the single fastest games I have ever played.

Granted expansions has been added but most you had to buy. I feel like I bought a half finished game and now have to keep sending money to the devs for content that I feel like should have been in the base game to begin with.

But in the end there is no end game content and I have a hard time understanding the reason to why I would spend my time replaying the same missions over and over ad nauseum with zero benifits to be had. Sure it’s fun for a few minutes but then no so much.

So my question is this:
Is this really it ?

So you quit but you came to cry ? If you don’t like game loop then stay away from that game :stuck_out_tongue:

You can try out twitch mode and lower timers untill it’s challenging for you, and twitch 2.0 added lot more customisation to it for the players. If twitch is too easy or you don’t like the rng dps fest you can try adding deeds onto twitch or just do deeds on cata but those can be limiting due to deeds not being aquired easily. You have weaves in WoM which are nice and challenging, but they aren’t random, so that might be a turn off for you, or thr fact that there aren’t alot of weave players out there. If you don’t like twitch/deeds or weaves, you can try looking into modded difficulties, there are some discords out there but most have their fixed teams so finding players to make a new one might be difficult depending on where you live.

Oh and the one and only best weekly is active atm: twins
You can combine that with twitch of deeds if cata twins is too easy

The endgame in this game is skill development. Clearly, it’s not for everyone. A lot of people are driven by in-game rewards like gear or cosmetics or whatever. To play this game for thousands of hours, you have to enjoy the combat and enjoy developing your skill as a player. Outside of that, there really isn’t anything. For me, I use modded difficulties to keep pushing the limits of what can be done. I think it’s fun, but you’re opinion is certainly valid if it’s not what you enjoy.


Do something for me will you. Please quote the part where I cry

I see what your all saying and as you say sleezy Im on the in-game rewards boat so I guess that’s it for me. I did the whole skill thing but just wasn’t rewarding enough. Im for solid rewards.

haven’t tried twitch mode so I wouldn’t know how much harder it gets but I did a solo cata yesterday and besides havent actually done it it does nothing for me.

I had hoped their would have been some news during the last year from the devs on possible end game content that I for obvious reasons didn’t know about.

If you like rewards, ranked weaves could be for you. Maybe its a bit late to find players tho.

WoM added a bunch of endgame content, I’d read up on that and see if it interests you. I don’t really know what other sort of endgame would make sense in a game like this though.

Besides releasing new maps I’m still holding out for a Map Editor and perhaps a better survival mode as opposed to the static spawns of Fortunes of War.

Survival Mode:

Interconnected zones with different environments that can impact what enemies spawn. Periodically Lohner/Olyshea smuggle/magic supplies to the heroes in a hidden cache that they need to find which will have the players moving around more as opposed to some last stand mechanic. Tomes/Grims would have random spawns and eventually a portal in the center-most region would appear allowing the heroes to escape or if they choose to, continue to fight against scaling waves of random spawns.

I would also like to see supped up elite variants where they have a different skin, larger model, better stats / perhaps unique attacks or abilities and have them spawn in champion, legend, cataclysm but be a rare spawn based on those difficulties.