End game addition, Reincarnation

at level 30 character Reincarnation available with one talent carried over from first row
(locked in upon selection)

can do 3 times level to 30 , reincarnate, so your first 3 talent rows can have 2 selections if 3 past lifes for and end game build. Cost to reincarnate in crafting table (materials TBD)

or u can skip reincarnation and play as is. or reincarnate 1 2 or 3 times, XP for a reincarnate level to 30 is increased.

just a random idea to expand end game goals, i have not played with FF yet haha am having fun leveling each character to 15 or so learning maps.

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And the lore explanation for this would be…?

Talents dont work properly and are unbalanced in its current state and you want even more? Besides lvling is one of the most boring thing to do for veteran players, i doubt you would enjoy lvling them all up again.


The current paragon level works fine hope we could show off how many hours we wasted on the game :v

Wasted? Why do ppl still think about gaming as wasted time. Even in jokes;]
On the topic: I like things how they are now.



Im fine with a prestige system, but the rewards should be pure cosmetic bonuses, power creep is bad and often trivializes end game content.

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