Empire in Flames - Deed causes Player Respawn Bug

Issue Summary:
If a player dies anywhere between last grim location and inside of the event in Empire in Flames with a deed active, they will not respawn inside the event area.

My friend had died before the drop down where the ammo box and healing supplies were located. He ended up spawning behind the stone wall outside of the event. Both of his bots died inside of the event and only Sienna bot spawned inside of the event but after she died the second time, she spawned outside of the event as well.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Activate a Deed for the Empire in Flames map
  2. Have a player/bot die (anywhere between last grim location and inside the event area)
  3. See them respawn outside of the event area (behind the gate/wall)

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Often (< 75%)

Additional Information:
Typically, if someone dies prior to the event starting, they will spawn inside the event but on several occasions where I had a deed active, the players and/or bots will not spawn inside the event. It does not happen all the time but has happened the last 3 times I played that map with a deed active.

The deed I had activated at the time had the modifiers of Nurgle’s Rot and Sudden Death.

I was not the host and my ping was roughly around the 200 mark.

[Attach Your DxDiag]
DxDiag.txt (77.9 KB)

[Attach Your Session Console Log]
console-2018-12-08-21.29.06-F0AC3A97-E977-4A1B-9930-9BD3.log (2.1 MB)

[Attach a Screenshot and/or Video Evidence]
Unable to get screenshot as I was the last person alive and was trying to complete the event by myself. I was unable to because I had really high ping and was killed by a Chaos Warrior that ignored my Footknight charge twice.

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