Elven One Handed Sword

Change it back or remove third light attack. why more Armour damage one heavy’s and then more Armour damage on light 3. what little complexity of the weapon has been gutted. same thing with the spear and shield. it already had cleave. the little baby swipe attack is god awful

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I definitely wouldn’t mind them swapping the push attack and light 3, it would make sense given the changes to the weapon.

Um… what?

The only change is light 3 (stab) has a little more armor damage. It’s still only about 50% of the damage a heavy does. Just double checked in game. All the old combos work identically to the way they used to.

What’s the OP talking about?


the heavy sweep has no cleave now and is now single target so you can just spam heavies for armor damage rather than doing heavy 1 into light. the horde combo of light 2 into heavy repeat endlessly is gone. Mind you I have no problem with this, but the point that the weapon is less complex is true. you only have 1 horde combo now which is lightspam. I actually like the changes, but i get where op is coming from

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thats a pretty good one to switch the push-attack and light 3. but i still feels like its a nerf overall.

It’s much better than it was but the combos are still a little awkward. They could make the stab worthwhile by adding crit chance or just remove it from the light chain and have it only come after charged attacks. Should probably actually implement the buff stated in the patch notes too.

Glad that the heavy sweep is worth using now against armor, but I think it should come after the two overheads so that you can block cancel into these when going for headshots - seems harder than it should be to headshot with the stab as if its off center or something.

I’m booting up the game as we speak to check it out but was this light 2 into heavy 2 ever that effective in hordes? I get the feeling it’d be too slow and still too narrow to have good crowd control. I think I’d take the light spam any day. As for complexity, it’s a 1 handed sword, unless they add a Kruber style heavy sweep I don’t see it being a complex weapon. Then again, I don’t play Elf much. Just my 2 cents

Hmm. I hadn’t noticed a change. This completely breaks the weapon if true, but I just played a game with it and didn’t notice a difference from normal. ?

I will go re-test.

Yes it was brutal. It is narrow, but you can compensate for that by rounding the enemies up with a push first or by sweeping your mouse as you attack in increase the swing size.


Tested. H2 still cleaves (this explains why I didn’t notice it at first), but it’s damage falls off very quickly now.




Not joking. Weapon is no longer worth using. I am very mad, it was my favorite weapon in the game. The combos are hard to chain properly but the reward was a weapon that had no weaknesses and was super satisfying when you pulled it off skillfully. High Skill/High Reward. Beautiful.

Now, it’s not only hard to use, but actually worse in every way compared to every other elf weapon (exluding 1h axe and GS). PUT IT BACK.


Yeah the changes they made feel really weird. Why make it so H2 is now an armour attack with no cleave, whilst also making L3 deal more armour damage? I guess they wanted to give the weapon a stronger identity of being a good armour killer and a bad horde killer.
Heavy spam now seems to be the best way for dealing with armour and L1 + L2 spam is the best way to deal with hordes… Thrilling.


Yeah I had a play around with the L2 into H2 combo and it felt pretty damn good. I would suggest they swap the H2 and H3 so you get two reliable heavy headshots in a row and give the new H3 10% extra crit chance (if it doesn’t already have it) and swap the extra armour damage it has now for extra cleave and possibly base damage, particularly as it would take fairly long to get to it in the heavy combo. It is also a more risky way to crowd control


Hasnt it always been better to just use 2 lights-blockpush-repeat for horde clear?

Extremely little animation commitment, almost no mobility loss and high enemy controll ontop of that.

I always felt the heavy sweep was kinda gimmicky because it was notably slower(more dangerous to use), does not headshot in a horde and it´s cleave was never really good.


No because the lights have very little cleave, and very little DPS. The heavy sweep can go through a Mauler.
The animation commitment is countered by 1h sword having unlimited dodges. Like I said, it’s not easy to use, but it’s extremely effective, and rewarding if you master it.
After the change, it’s just plain worse then it was, to the point it’s no longer worth picking. Why would I pick it at all when Sword+Dagger, Dual Dagger, Spear, and Glaive all do both single target and horde clear better now?
The buff to the light stab attack is good (but not needed), however the weapon is far superior without the BBB changes.

Because that identity works SO WELL for 1h Axe :roll_eyes:


On bodyshots the damage was and is indeed not amazing but hasnt the cleave always been pretty good? And i always found it fairly easy to headshot consistently with it, even more so than the spear at times.

Spear has some extremely gimmicky hitboxes going on.

As for the heavy cleave strike, like sure you´d deal like 40-50 damage in a single hit sure but i am almost completely positive it had similar if maybe only slightly better cleave than light attacks.

I recall testing all 3 attacks on a few dummies and finally concluding that it really sucked while the best anti armor combo was just H1-light stab-H1…could have missed something rather important here but having tried it i never really felt it was good to use relative to light headshot spam style.


Aight having just checked i am fairly sure the thing was that light attacks always have higher base cleave and the linesman modifier, the heavy cleave also had the linesman modifier and higher damage&stagger but lower base cleave.

It hit harder, but it hit fewer and that hard hit is not all that useful if it hits a slaverat x)

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Are you testing with the BBB or live? Because that doesn’t match my experience. I even put 3 test dummies in a row and checked the numbers, the damage falloff is much higher on the BBB. Even though the heavy cleave still hits everything, now it only tickles them gently.

On live, the heavy sweep could never cleave a mauler, it had the same damage profile of falchion heavies which are agreeably useless on the weapon, which is why they got changed in the beta. It had less cleave than the light attacks but higher damage. Testing on dummies isn’t gonna give reliable results because they don’t have mass like enemies do so while a single target attack will cleave dummies, it won’t cleave real enemies (in this case it cleaves 1 fanatic because they never removed linesman from the attack)

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im glad to see this many people on my side about it. i hope fatshark keeps heavy 2 how it was. i dont need my swords heavy 2 to match the damage profile of crowbill heavy 1 ill just use the crow bill if i wanted that. and dont touch the spear and shield at all its fine the way it was.

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