Elven Axe / Kerillian's 1h Axe push attack has a 10% bonus crit chance instead of the intended 20% crit chance

Kerillian’s 1h Axe push attack seems to give a bonus of 10% crit chance instead of the intended 20% crit chance.

Screenshot of the Elven Axe in the Armory mod:

Same thing happened to Executioner’s previous 20% on heavy attacks. I guess when they were adjusting the 20% for uppercuts down to 10% they accidentally hit these weapons as well?


In Patch 10, Exe Sword got its 20% bonus crit chance back on heavies but the Elven Axe’s push attack crit chance bonus still remains at a measly 10%. (I checked the crit chance bonuses in the Armory mod.) It seems that Elven Axe push attack and Exe Sword heavy attacks aren’t connected.

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