Elite killing feels unrewarding

Killing Elites feels a bit wrong, unrewarding.

The Grenadier drops the Grenade, yet it seems like the Fire does little to nothing to nearby Enemies.

Pox Bomber explosion does nothing. It would be nice if it would throw Enemies away just like it does to us.

Shooting the Flamer Tanks would be a nice feature too, as it was in VT2.

If a Mutant would get blocked by an Ogryn with a deployed Shield, that would be great too and make it feel more like a “Wall”.


They should be adding friendly fire for enemies but I suspect if they did that hordes would wipe themselves out.

Wouldn’t even need to add friendly fire, just bullet collision with the horde. I mean I can’t fire through the fat ogryn boi that decided to step in front of me. Why should the heretic be able to fire through a whole horde of poxwalkers and hit me?


Friendly Fire would maybe be a bit too much.
What i meant was simply that the On-Kill effect is ours, that we can take out Enemies with a killed Flamer, a killed Bomber

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Exploding bombers should definitely do damage to hordes.

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