Elite and Special a Merc story

Elite would firstly be from Nurglite force but special could totally be Mercenary coming from other faction:

Chaos undivided:

Renegade Guardsman with Melta/Flamer/Plasma: Would work as a Flamerat

Renegade Ogryn with Rippergun/Blood axe: Could work like a Marauder with greataxe

Renegade Guardsman with small weapon (Autogun/Lasgun): Work under Patrol or static guard and will hold their position

Rogue Psyker: Use the warp to annoy us (pyro/Biomancy/and Chaos magic)

Beastmen: Strong elite (exist for the 4 Chaos god: Bloodgor/Khorngor, Tzaangor, Pestigor and Slaangor)


Blood Pact Guardsmen: Similar to guardsmen but work like the Berserker in VT2

Gore Mage: Invoker of Blood Wolf and/or other Blood magic

Blood Wolf: Dog that jump on their enemy (Fast but weak)

Blood/Chaos Commissar: Provide buff to nearby enemy (Like the Beastmen Banner)


Psyker: There exist even more pyker possibility for Tzeenth

Chaos Mutant: Tzeenth is the ChaosG with the most mutation

Bird headed Cultist


Screamer: work like the Witch in Killing Floor 2 (moved from Tzeenth as Slaanesh doesn’t has that many obvious choice)

Sound Cultist: Cultist/Guardsmen with Sound Weaponry

Then they could also introduce the Demon of all the ChaosG and next Ganger since they usually work with shady people and can be easily corrupted to chaos