Elf spear heavy attack

Even when running a build that attacks&charges more like the bull one? Feels like such a build ought to benefit plenty from mainstay. However i do know that without a lot of ult uses then EP would yield more.

I disagree, the light sweep is a anti infantry attack while the heavy one…is an attack made for hitting an elite hiding behind a slaverat or two? Then its also noteworthy that light stab attacks actually do not have any damage falloff.

So if you hit the elites head you wont have any issue even if a few light mobs are in the way while the heavy sweep would lose damage and stagger for each and every target hit.

I could have sworn i got different numbers when testing before but when i tried now i got results in line with yours…no idea what was different but i am moderately spooked.

…Oh well, i was evidently wrong at any rate.

Is there any big point in doing it though? You cleave that one extra marauder and deal 15 more damage as well as apply a light stagger but wouldnt it still be quicker to just rain light attacks if you wana kill both targets?

That´d still stagger them and do more damage.

The change wouldn’t necessarily make Elven Spear better. For Handmaiden, sure it will, because she never need that sweep from C1 as she can always push attack without concerning about stamina. Waystalker though, if you decide to use Elven Spear on her, you would have to use C1 sweep because of stamina, just like how Kruber does with Tuskgor Spear. I know that Elven Spear is already pretty much considered as a Handmaiden-specific weapon, but still, the change would make it even more so.

That’s a single aspect of what it can be used for though.

It is, and would be made better for when you’re out of stamina/conserving stamina and/or or need the mobility.

I think the change would make it more versatile for all three classes, not just the maid.

The combo light sweep + stab + light sweep, or combo push attack + heavy sweep would be perfect for hordes, and the heavy stab H1 would be perfect for elites. I think everyone would be comfortable.

I’d love to hear why you think so, as I find current C1 being used pretty fine.

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