Elf careers shade and handmaiden low risk high reward

I will not beat around the bush. These two careers are very forgiving to play on legend. Shade can kill bosses too fast and easily and has her ult up too frequently with RC and dual dags. She can delete CW’s in no time flat and any elite for that matter.

Handmaidens 3 sec stealth and dodge lets her take out hordes without the risk of getting touched by a single rat and isn’t played as a support by most people but as a horde deleter and shade can easily ult cleave a horde as well. With the exception ofCrits and exe sword with its long charge attack time that leaves you open.

And the biggest problem is Glaive. It does everything. This weapon makes zealots, slayers, fk/merc, obsolete with its left click spam braindead horde clearing prowess. This weapon is even better than the halberd without even having to leftclick + block cancel. You can delete CW’s and SV easily in no time flat.

Dual daggers is stupidly good in this game, you can 1shot charge attack kill an sv with a headshot and the recovery frames on it is super fast as well since it is a dagger.

Shade shouldn’t be able to have her ult up too quickly it needs a nerf and makes legend difficulty a breeze when playing as one or having one as a teammate. She shouldn’t be able to dish out so much damage against bosses as well without the proper properties. Handmaiden should reveal herself if she hits an enemy while invis, this will let people learn how to be a team player instead of chasing green circles and this will let them use the other talent that damages instead.

FS you nerfed Falchion and you nerfed HS, I think its time you look at the careers that have been a cake walk to play since the start.


They are in good spot, I enjoy to play as/with them. I think some classes after BETA need more love to be good again.


inb4 your crucifixion by those players.

I think shade is too good for some time now, especially with 1.1 you can one shot SV easily. CW goes down easily even without the infiltration.


Only glaive I feel is too prominent when comparing others, but that is just one weapon.

As someone who mains Kerillian (30+193), I agree with you on Shade. Glaive however can make any of her careers OP. Handmaiden just happens to benefit the most from it by having high Stamina regen.

Daggers seem quite strong too, I agree, but they more than lose out on horde clear, and this leaves them in a semi-balanced state imo. They’re a very dangerous weapon to use, which I don’t think fits the description of ‘low risk high reward’. You can’t take hordes head on and have to dance around them to not take any damage. Low Stamina also leaves you vulnerable. One-shotting SV still requires a headshot and stats built towards that.

Shade’s Ultimate cooldown and cooldown reduction builds seem to be the biggest issue. Kerillian already has great ARP weapons now. Adding a one-shot Ultimate that can be gained in a short amount of time makes her ridiculously strong. She has basically become the melee version of BH. Insta-kill Crits on a short cooldown.

Another issue with the ultimate is that you don’t have to build towards doing more damage. You already have a set amount of high damage that you will do on every ult, no matter which type of enemy you’re hitting. You’ll still one-shot Chaos Warriors if you’re not using any Armour or Chaos damage.

Additionally, not having to build for Boss damage is also an issue. Glaive’s damage being reduced with the Ultimate up was a good start, but you can still melt bosses with any weapon. I think this is an issue because other careers are forced to build for Boss killing, or take a Boss killing weapon. Making sure someone in your group has some Boss damage should be a thing. Being able to think “Oh, we don’t need Boss killing because we have ‘x’ class, and it doesn’t matter if they’re built for bosses or not.” shouldn’t be a thing (this strongly).

(CDR builds)


Should be nerfed heavily. You know that something is wrong when people have fun with this game.


Happy someone brought this up. Good on you op.


But talking w/o sarcasm I agree that Glave is stupidly strong weapon, and previous nerf achived nothing, the problem was not 1-shoting SV or killing CW very fast, IMO this weapon’s main issue is light attack’s cleave+stagger that allows you to clear horde fast and safe.

And a few words about DnD and Infiltrate. DnD has lowest reach stagger, cleave, stamina, push strength and push/block angle in the game, I don’t wanna say that weapon is bad (in fact they are in a prety decent state right now), but it’s defenetly not a “low risk” weapon. As for Infiltrate, I think that Resourceful Combatant trait need to be reworked somehow, now he can be crazy good on some careers+weapons combinations (beam pyro, SnS/SnD Shade, etc), and prety useles on most of the other career/weapon combos.

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I don’t use the glaive very often but when i did, i realized that thing about the glaive is that you can bully storms around because they get staggered massively by it.

Glaive maybe needs a tweak but dual daggers are in a good place. It is possible to deal with a horde but not optimally with them mainly due to the good mobility the elf has. I wouldn’t touch dual daggers now, they are in a good place as an elite deleter.

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Dual daggers is broken af when paired with RC on shade using crit build. Every elite in the game dies. How is that not op lmao… Plus ult with dagger vs hordes = shredded. This makes it very easy to kill and kite hordes with DD on legend. I would know since I use this build lmao.


I’ve done the game on Legend with handmaiden solo with bots, twice now since the challenges weren’t given retroactively. Yeah they’re good but maybe that’s more a Shade thing than a dagger thing. They can do hordes but it’s a bit more work than other weapons and a lot more dodge dancing. They do what they say on the tin, elite killing.

This post is a perfect example of what is wrong with thre forum community and as a result the game. A coop game turning to garbage due to this kind of crap whining. How about they focus on more important things like crash fixes and making the gameplay enjoyable.

Your character not making you feel special? Let’s destroy small corners of the game till you feel more special. I hope the devs have enough business sense to not cater to children.


instead of saying these 2 specs and their attached equipment are overpowered, you should be asking fatshark to make other specs just as good as those 2 specs.

don’t nerf the good, buff the poor.


@Bobthebuilder @KKND2

The problem is that it’s sucking the difficulty out of the game, rather than giving you a bit of an edge. Chaos Warriors and Bosses are supposed to feel like a tough enemy, but the short cooldown on your one-shot makes them a joke. Even if other melees tried to build for Elite killing, none of them could compete with being able to one-shot something with very short amounts of time in-between.

I also feel the same about ranged crits and Sienna’s short cooldown ult. You should feel like you’re having a fight and not having a ‘delete enemy’ button bound to F.

It also takes the feeling of needing a team effort to do things away, as one person just deletes one of the harder enemies with little effort.

(CDR builds)


daggers hit hard, but you pay for it in horde killing potential. lowering the multiplier on it could end up being complete overkill on a weapon that already takes a bit of finesse to play to deal with hordes. and carpal tunnel.

not all of them, but yeah, the multiplier is a bit wonky and at times doesn’t make any sense. some weapons like a dagger can do it with light attacks, but then other weapons charge swings don’t, meanwhile the glaive, her big armor pen weapon, requires a backstab or power stacking/grim bonus to do it. the whole thing is a bit odd.

the difficulty is never going to come back. they had a chance with 1.05 to fix the cleave issues and the community responded. so long as every weapon is allowed to be a lawnmower and delete hordes and ranged weapons pierce 4 targets causing scrounger to give you a 4th of your ammo back each crit, nothing is going to change.


Well there are several types of difficulty a game can have. this game, being a quick action uhm … hack and slash (is that the right word?), would probably benefited more from instant decision making gameplay. that is where the difficulty should be at.

The difficulty comes from making the right choice (from your arsonal of tools at your disposal) at the correct moment.

this means fatshark needs to give every spec enough tools to deal with all the decision making. thus the buff. right now theres a severe lack of tools for some spec.


To be honest, I think changes will keep evolving. This game had a higher density of trash mobs and more armour. As weapons are brought up to being able to deal with that, higher cleave is a good quick fix. The ultimates need to also be balanced around those changes.

Shade felt fine before ARP buffs on her weapons because of her ult’s cooldown and strength. Now that weapons are being buffed, to the benefit of all of her careers, the ult may need toning down.

(CDR builds)


Hack and slash is right. My point is that with Shade’s ability to one-shot, you’re playing a 'Hack an-… where did that Chaos Warrior go?"

It’s an instant removal of the most difficult enemy on a short cooldown. The cooldown was shortened because Shade couldn’t deal with Elites. Now that weapons are being given ARP, it’s left Shade in a state of having a short cooldown to deal with Elites, while having weapons that now better deal with Elites.

(CDR builds)


I agree. chaos warrior and bosses getting destroyed that easily maybe fun for the shade, but is simply no fun for the 3 others players. I’d like to have a good fight, not having a bosses destroyed in 5 second making it a pushover. On the other side, I’d like not having bosses tht dies so slowly because some weapons are garbage against them while having to deal wither 4 specials and a horde…

I honestly can’t fathom why people wants “buff all carers to the level of the best one”. It would just make all difficulty disappear, making the game dull, repetitive farming without any edge.

Remember vermintide 1 when trueflight and blot staff were king and simply deleting everything with ease ? I’d like that not to come back. And I remember quite well being the phase where there was the least people playing… I might be wrong on that, but it was the darkest days of V1 in my opinion.

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