Easy Anti-Cheat False Detection


I keep getting the following message come up when I close the game.


This is a false detection. Haven’t had my account banned or restricted in any way but I’m worried it may happen. Any advice on what might be setting it off?

I have quite a few sanctioned mods enabled. Here’s the list:

  • Skip Intro
  • Simple UI
  • UI Improvements
  • Needii
  • StickyGrim
  • LockedAndLoaded
  • Bestiary
  • Numeric UI
  • My Hero
  • Chat Block
  • Mission Timer
  • Notice Key Pickup
  • No Wobble
  • Bot Improvements - Combat

I also have it checked to auto-disable unsanctioned mods in official realm. Not sure if the anti-cheat software is detecting something like that in game or just looking at other programs running while the game is open.

In terms of game overlays, I’ve got Steam, Discord and Fraps (screen recording software). Could it be one of those? It’s difficult to test as the message is infrequent.

Any advice would be welcomed. Happy to provide more info.

Thanks, Barry

Actually, having read up a bit more I reckon it’s not a big deal. I think the game is crashing when it closes sometimes which is triggering it.

Looking at this forum post for Smite which has the same message, it seems to be caused by the game process ending ungracefully before Easy Anti-Cheat has a chance to close:

Also, looking at this post:

… I’ve found the log files in AppData\Roaming\EasyAntiCheat\226

If anyone official from FatShark wants my log files, let me know and I’ll PM it. Otherwise I think this is a non-issue unless it starts to not let my game load up.

Thanks, Barry

I wouldn’t worry about it if this only occurs upon exit, we’re looking in to the crash upon exit that can occur which I suspect may be related to this. Thank you for the updates. :slight_smile:

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