Early spawn of skaven in round 1 of last stand

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For some reason, skaven and Troll can spawn before Heroes can get out of the first section of last stand. i discovered this bug/exploit by being attacked by a gutter runner, and then by a globadier that was behind us. Apparently, the source of the bug is, when Heroes are in the back of the alley where they spawn when the skaven spawn, they are considered no longer in the safe zone, making it possible for the skaven to spawn kill us before the game even started.

In the round just after when he played skaven, i could spawn even if they where still in preparation phase.

Steps to Reproduce (Required):

  1. Spawn in Last Stand, first round.
  2. Having a Heroes going in the back alley when the skaven spawn.
  3. Having skaven use the key to teleport on the Heroes.
  4. kill the Heroes in the spawn.

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Common (<50%)

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