DX12 shader cache rebuilds when new driver is installed (looking for developer input if possible)

This game runs significantly better on DX12 for me (and perhaps for most people). But, there is a problem with DX12. According to a dev post, the game compiles shaders at runtime for DX12 which cause stalls/stutters (What was the patch yesterday? Extreme lag). However, such stalls are gone once enough shader cache is built up and stored on disk

, but this takes several hours of gameplay (through different maps) to noticeably go away (becomes completely smooth eventually).

This is all find and dandy UNTIL I upgrade the gpu drivers (we need to constantly update drivers for new game releases and other reasons). When I update drivers, the game starts to build shaders all over again in the shader_cache.pipelib file (rewriting it) and game starts to stall again, and I need to repeat the several hour gameplay to smoothen gameplay for DX12 all over again (with the new driver). I know these things don’t happen in DX11. But, DX11 has much worse frame-rates (DX12 is significantly better for horde fps moments).

It would be really appreciable if a dev could tell me if its possible to keep the previously compiled shadercache after updating or reinstalling graphics card drivers (i.e, if its possible to transfer shadercache built with one gpu driver over to another one) - not having to go through the stalls/stutters/micro-stutters related to runtime shader caching all over again every time drivers are updated.

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My specs:
Core i7 10700K
GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

Does the game do it or is it the drivers that do it (i.e, building shader caches at runtime)? Does the game have any control over it? Some other games build shader caches at loading screen, or menu, or at first-time run, would it be difficult for the vermintide engine to do the same like those other DX12 titles (not having to experience stalls during gameplay by having them compile at menu or at first-time run)?

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