Dwarf rifle feels weak right now

not being able to deal big damage with one shot, no good piercing. I would buff its damage. Maybe make it pierce shields. Cmon compared to grudge raker or drake guns - rifle is pathetic.


Also Kruber’s rifle.

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To be honest weapon balance is all over the place right now.

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Yeah especially around sienna (beam staff) :joy::joy::joy:

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Everything feels weak in comparison, but rifles for Kruber/Bardin especially.

I don’t know, I’m pretty sure it’s meant to take care of specials in a pinch. And it does a great job of that with its range. Drakefire pistols can be a bit unreliable at range.

I believe it takes 5 headshots to kill a chaos warrior. Still I think the biggest problem with the rifle is its accuracy, the weapon spread seems to be to outside of the crosshairs instead of the inside:

I noticed the accuracy problem too with the handgun. its good at killing specials when it hits them, but it just doesn’t reliably hit what I’m aiming at so I stopped using it.

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