Dual daggers free bleed damage is too high and should be removed

A thing people don’t often realise, is that the poor dagger reach can often leave you in shoving distance from elites


Lets be real, you can’t honestly believe that executioner and spear heavy attacks are safer than dual daggers right? In any situation with multiple elite threats

Generally yes actually?

Spear is easily safer i can say having used that as my main weapon for a long, long time for one has such a good range that it becomes easy to do.

Exe vs Chaos warriors? I´ve watched Krubers massacre those, i cant replicate it myself using exe( i am not all that good at him) but i have actually succeeded to a degree with greatsword.

Not as fast or smooth but it is safer.

For exe it takes knowing the max range on the heavy and having good timing but it is possible since a headshot with that headshot damage+crit bonus works wonders when it triggers.

Monks and berserkers can be harder to deal with but if you are using a mobile weapon such as the elf spear then it´s easier to deal with those rather than chaos warriors if you know how to abuse their mechanics.

Daggers against monks? Watch a single one use their gapcloser on you and wreck your entire 2 stamina in their first 2 hits if you dont perfectly dodge it with you being unable to even hit them before they start unlike with spear/exe.


The weapon is already extremely prone to hit trading so now remove bleed and add that extra attack vs nearly any common enemy type?
Dno seems extremely harsh considering the weapon already got a decent nerf.


Do you even know what on earth you are talking about?

It doesn’t do armor damage on lights, it doesn’t have crit chance on L1 and 2 anymore and neither it applies bleed to armor, if you are going to ask for nerfs, at least know what weapon you talk about.


SnD is by far better than dual daggers and for a few very simple reasons at that.

Better cleave, similar mobility, better reach on many attacks, versatile moveset that has a decent answer for any situation.

Meanwhile daggers, 6 attacks per second? b*llshit exaggeration and even if they attacked that fast they have no cleave and the user cant move fast enough to make use of it.

10 maruaders run down on you, you slice 3 into pieces and the remaining 7 slaughter you for it since you cant hit them due to them stacking and having more range, great.

…Although that example is more accurate with beastmen or a mixed horde, but still.

man this forum has some high quality filters lol

DD have good ap, but also the lowest crowd control any weapon has in the game (alledgedly)

We’re just beating a dead horse at this point


Most weapons struggle with multiple berserkers. When marauders run at you with DD you just kite around like you do with every enemy? How are they stacking magically now.

Why should DD with the highest armor dmg kill everything up to fanatic faster than 1hs, falchion which have pathetic armor dmg? Should we give bleeds to 1hs and falchion too?

Not only are you beating a dead horse, as you are repeating the same thing over and over. What you are saying simply doesn’t make sense.

You are comparing single target dps, forgetting entirely about cleave, defense, and everything that’s not pure damage vs one target.

Honestly, this sounds like a champion player rant more than anything.

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