Drake Fire weapons quality of life change/buff

It takes too long to swap weapons after shooting on high heat. It doesn’t feel very good to quickly try and blast something and then it takes another 2 seconds before you can swap back to melee and defend yourself. change so recoil doesn’t affect weapon swap or at least alow us to swap sooner? I don’t think this would break the game and it would make the weapons feel 10x better.


it does feel kinda wonky to not be able to put your pistols away due to the high heat, doesnt make much intuitive sense and always just feels like its not working properly. I’d much rather a different downside that wont feel so awkard.

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But, once you’ve put the pistols away they are ready to fire instantly when you switch back. If you could switch to your weapon without a delay, you’d effectively be able to increase your rate of fire to the point it would nullify the whole ‘slower fire = more damage.’

I’m not sure if that’s even a big problem since your damage output is hard capped by your heat gauge

I’d seriously rather have the delay being before firing, than after firing. That only creates input weirdness. Needing to wait a bit till your poor overheated pistol gathers its strenght too squeeze out another shot also makes a lot more sense than not being able to move as a character because the weapon is too hot to me.

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