Download old versions of VT2 & VT1

Aye is there any way i can download the oldest versions on vt2 and vt1 any suggestions?

No way of doing this reliably that I know of. Sorry!

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Just purchased a hard copy of VT1 i’ll update you on how that goes.
got my hands on VT 2 v1.0.3 but im unfortunately getting backend error 1010 trying to figure out how to get around this.

There’s gonna be a point where the backend that stores all your progression is incompatible with older versions of the game. And since there’s no offline mode like on consoles…

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Ok i got my hard copy it seems to be an old collectors edition of VT1.
I’ve run into a snag steam is trying to update it once disk 4 is finished if any madlad knows a way around this that would be dope

Exactly what are you trying to achieve by playing older version of the game?


Yeah, I’m genuinely curious too.

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Maybe just disconnecting from the internet is enough?

Vermintide1&2 has changed so much over the years that its not the same game i once played and fell in love with. All the characters play totally different and some maps have changed on top of that i love to speedrun and to get the fastest time i need to run on the oldest build.

My dream would be if fatshark added the ability to opt into any build using the steam beta tab like in euro truck simulator 2.

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As fun as this sounds, it would require an actual backend to support such a thing.

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I’m pretty sure you have to be online to install a game on steam even if it’s on a disk.

The idea is good, but most likely it is technically impossible or the developers will not want to spend time on it.
It is a pity that the game for you is not what it used to be. Everything in the world changes - nothing lasts forever.

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There was this thread:
And this thread:
I don’t know if the advice in these still works though.

Well if anyone does try this, would be curious to know if it works. To me that sounds very unlikely.

im so damn close to getting VT1 to work getting this error

error 'wrong transition: Going from state “connection connected” to “connection initialized”

The backend servers are not running for former versions anymore, so unless there is a way to not contact them at all or you somehow locally host a private Vermintide 1 server running a previous version of the server and reroute the game’s connection to your own server, I don’t think this is possible at all.


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