Double Spawn Rates on High Ping? / Inconsistent difficulty

Issue Description:
Me and my friends have been experiencing inconsistencies in the malice difficulties where the number of enemies (hordes, specials, elites, monstruosities) seem to double when playing with intercontinental players. (possibly due to lag compesation causing double ticks?) We have also experienced lasguns double or triple fire on these conditions (with only one click, consuming ammo so its not just a rendering glitch) We’ve been playing Malice difficulty, being flooded by 2 chargers at the same time, while having to deal with 3 reapers, 2 ragers and 4 maulers simultaneusly.

When playing with only EU players, Malice difficulty seemed to “adjust” its spawn rate to about half (rough estimate) which made us realize that maybe the problem was not a ‘skill issue’.

Steps to Reproduce:
Play any mission in Malice(unsure for the other difficulties) with an Australian and an European player. (about 300 ping?)


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
[11/18-19-20/2022, All Day] [CET]

Reproduction Rate:

Upload Supporting Evidence:
Will try and record some today.