Don’t cheat, if players not allowed

So. We did a few attempts on Fortunes of War.

You realize that the enemy ai wants to get behind you so hard that it goes directly though you if the player dodges that way for a long time? Kind of pathetic to see that enemies are being like this tunnelvisioned and if they dont succeed, they simply cheat through you with a sliding attack.

Hooks. We 3 saw it, it’s a shame I didn’t have time to record it, but in the hook wave I killed 3, dwarf 1, elf 2. Then suddenly I got hooked, dwarf as well, kruber was dead. We saw that our elf gets hooked by an invisible packmaster, that popped out from another dimension. I know that in FoW specials are always have fixed spawn locations, but this… no comment.

Terrain. It’s about the whole experience of the game. You kite 6 chaos warriors around, climbing up, jumping down to slow them, making a a second to be able to get them one by one. On the middle of the place there are little obstacles which you can stuck in (bricks in different sizes around the statue). You are pushed against the lowest one, you get stuck on it, but how unfortunate, the chaos warriors can slide or walk though them. They dont even bother that there are some stone to get around. Trashmob get it by going around them.

Sliding attack movement speed. This is the most pathetic one. I drink a speed potion, get up on the ramp to be able to jump down to slow the mob. What happenes? I get hit by a clanrat with a knife that has a reach like he uses that knife on a 2 meters long chain, and by sliding upwards in the ramp with a speed of light. When I dodged sideways I saw that rat going towards the ramp (in that second I had a speed pot active), turned ahead, and on top I turned against them to snipe the chaos warrior. On the second I turned I was dead, because the clanrat had the speed potion’s benefits as well, and hit 42+27 for damage.

Tracking. Stormfiend uses the flamthrower. Shade: “into gloom” stormfiend: “Oh, you son of a btch!” Shade gets btchslapped in the face directly during ult.

Another tracking: chaos warrios surfing in a line of “S”, and when he finally swings his axe down (animation begins for overhead), you dodge, CW looks in your face smiling and stikes you into the ground. And you stand there asking “am I this sh*t I cannot even dodge an overheading CW?!” It’s ok if you dodge a charging overhead and you eat it. But when the CW has the place where it has to strike, and in that moment when the axe is going down you dodge, and he still turns for you… Uh, guys.

Line of sight. Very good definition. Say hi for the guy/guys who programmed it to the game in the way it works. Blightstormers have a line of sight through unpathable, solid stuff that you cannot shot through.

The predetermined enemies and specials cannot wipe the whole team? Hire infravision blightstormers, they will do the work. This phenomenon is common in qp as well, you can tag the stormer, you can see that it is completely behind the tree, cliff, or whatever, and in the second he begins to conjure he’s filthy vortex through the terrain without any line of sight.

You know I get home from work, eat something, than sit before the pc to relax and chill and this is I get.

I worked at a company which made stuff for online webshops. If a customer was not satisfied with the product and wanted to post a good one, the company said always that the fault is because of the costumer, did not handle it carefully, or it was the post who broke it, try to negotiate with the post office.

I began to feel the same sadly, you bring us a product that is clearly faulty in many, many ways, than you try to go for “do you have your speakers turned on?”-ish answers for not having sound for assassin (I realized what is the problem btw. The game prioritizes the heroes dialogues instead of warning). Dont you have enough resources to fix, or you just simply dont care about the “little” bugs? The playerbase went too low after WoM mirroring that it was a mistake and not that much people likes the weaves as you expected. Boring, sadly. Beastmen attackspeed, they hit instantly during climbing animation, etc. This game is in the worst shape since I play, I have now 1996 hours. I dont know why I even write stuff like this, bugs are in the game which more than a year old, and what i wrote above.

How many years do you want to keep the game updated? Why do you give free maps with next season? This is how you apologise for a bad dlc like WoM? No need. Make the players pay for it, you get your resources by selling content. Forget about new stuff until you fix almost every single bug in the first place. Other games went to sleep because they were simply too frustrating to play because of the bugs and for not being optimised. Serious fps drops on different locations since 2.0. I didn’t change a thing in my gear. Not because of the content.

I hope you will get youselves and the game together because it’s sad that I see a lot of bugreports like “I press a button and nothing happenes” - do you have a pluged in mouse?, enemies hitting through trees, ignoring terrain which you get stuck on. Higher diff is skill based you say. Sure if game doesnt “cheat”.


How about the mechanic where CWs can hit you while you’re caught by the storm? That’s a nice one too…


Nope, imho they want try this “new” formula: free contents but paid cosmetics… and if it works, it will be a great thing for everyone. Anyway, sadly, I agree about this:

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Or when leech fishes you out of tornado or mid slayer leap… I think I also got punced by an assasin while going round round round…
I hate that they can all of the sudden become trickshooters.


True, true… The only trickshots allowed have to be mine when I play a character with trueflight.

Well, trueflight is actuslly a magical homing missile, while all you need is 1m dodge to not get hit by leech or assasin. Furthermore assasin’s pounce takes quite some time, now all of the sudden this ninja rat not only hits you while you are getting the merry-go-round of your life, but also is not really affected by the whole ordeal himself.
Does it make any sense? Nope.
Also the pounce or leech-grab mid slayer leap - I know I know, “only dodge works”, but damn, I really find it ridiculous that assasin, who 3/10 crashes himself into the wall and dies, can intercept flying dawi and has more momentum too (collide head on and find out :p). Similiar thing with leech, who fails to time a dodge, but hey, slayer leap? Flying dorf? Easy-peasy, just hold my beer.


The problem with slayer leap is that as long as you are in the air, the hook rat, assassin and leech will just catch you as they are aiming from where you started the leap.

It should put Slayer in dodge mode, but for these type of attacks, they just keep tracking you in the air.


I think they have added the attack tracking to special attacks too, that’s why you see the leech’s green shot fly past you when you dodge, and STILL get grabbed.
Also tracking screws up blocking with a slow-block weapon and they can hit you because of that tracking even tho you brought up your block.

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