Does the AI director reset after each patch?

As in the title. I’m wondering about this since after every patch sofar. The game becomes way easier. And the more I play the game it feels almost as if the AI director is learning and becomes smarter/more difficult.

Anyone else with a similar experience?


For me it didn’t become easier, but it did become different. After waves spawn more frequent for me, yet they is less mobs in them. So in the end I get either the same or a little more enemies. Tried other hosts, and they get x1.5 - x2 less enemies, to the point that it is boring to play when others host, cause it’s too easy for me now.

I’ve noticed some changes after different patches, but it seems in a fairly good place right now.

It’s hard to really tell without hard data. The semi-random nature can create vastly different experiences for different people, and we as players have also gotten significantly better over time.

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Dunno I always felt there was subtle undocumented tweaks after most patches. Wouldn’t say easier but definitely different. Hordes especially seem to trickle in at a more manageable pace while still overwhelming if you allow them to surprise you, whirling deathballs of stacked mobs seem to only rarely occur now which is great too and hopefully means they’re trying to address some of the slot-system bugs or at least the AI mechanics. Basically mobs seem to use the available space a bit more and will fill in better rather than just stacking up and smacking the daylight out of you unless you forcibly back up quicker than you normally would’ve. (which wasn’t a bad mechanic, just… the way it was being presented was toxic and lacking in immersion in comparison!)

I did raise an issue I’ve seen coming up since 1.1 however; the mass of certain enemies towards players seem larger now and slightly overtuned, I don’t know if I’m alone in experiencing this but certain mobs will block you from moving past/closer to them from a lot further away now - which sometimes will even prevent you from hitting them with certain angles you normally would be able to when closing the distance you cannot close now.

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