Does Swift Certainty actually do anything?

I’ve noticed that ranged tracking with the Swift Certainty talent on zealot seems to be broken again - gunners will follow and shoot at you, ranged fire will still hit you mid-sprint, et cetera. Has anyone else noticed this? Or is it meant to just do something else than the talent description says?

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It’s a REALLY bad tooltip

it basically just makes it so the usual dodge state you get when running parallel or at an angle (tilting your camera anyway) to gunfire will continue working at 0 stamina. It doesn’t do anything else aside from the speed boost


Yeah, and it doesn’t even do that. I’m constantly getting tagged despite running at an angle to the gunfire.

huh maybe it’s broken then, although the “angle” is based on your camera position iirc so that might be causing the inconsistency?

Yeah, probably.

Shame though. But at least I don’t need to build around it if the only difference is stamina zeroing.

yeah I’d never run it, you get more value out of the random backstabs you get every now and then on the CDR node lol

swift certainty is one of those nodes that either need reworking or just straight up replacing imo, not to mention the tooltip is terrible

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I noticed random backstab cooldowns are huge value for most Zealot weapons not oriented around immediate death if you’re already right side. Like an Ironhelm L1 will usually spin trash without killing them. Unfortunately Swift Certainty is not a free Stripped Down so its a bit of a dead talent.



Tbh this also can be procd quite easily on purpose. I love it when I use Chorus of Spiritual Fortidude ( the pulse ulti) which has one of the longest cooldowns in the game. 20% is huge. Just circle around some fallen dudes and bonk em in the back. I’ve also coupled this with the CDR on crit and I have a stupidly fast ability recharge rate. The only “downside” is that you need to play a crit weapon. It works even with hammers but the point investment feels too much if you do imo. Rashad II axe is my favourite for this.

About Swift Certainty:

I take the node if I’m down there because I really love movement speed but yeah I honestly thought the other part of the talent was broken. In fact I just wanted to post about it and ask other people what they think but though I’d first search in case there was a post about it first.


Hmm… Swift Certainty breaks enemy hit tracking while sprinting (dodge state), so you can run away from enemies without needing to push/dodge first. Is that not working?

ah a fellow chorus enjoyer

yeah I tend to find I’m shaving off most of my cooldown in hordes without needing to try too hard

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Welp, guess I’m stuck running my ‘get stamina back on dodge’ with Stripped Down IV on vet.

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In melee it does nothing. I’ve ran around enemies in the psykhanium and if you’re in range you get hit.

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