Does Anyone Just Enjoy Playing the Game?

There has been a ton of flack on difficulties and deeds over the release about how things are not worth it and kick players so they dont ruin it.

Am I the only one who plays a video game to play a video game? why is it such a demand for rewards in all actions? I remember a time when there were no rewards and you just played the game since it was awesome…


TL;DR (too long, didn’t read) “Nope, everyone just enjoys their game differently.”

When you eat food, do you enjoy it raw or bland … Do you just chew it or savor it…? If you had the opportunity to improve the flavor of your meal by adding spices or seasonings and all you had to do was ask for it, potentially even pay for it… If it was worth it wouldn’t you do it?

Same principle. People do play this game and enjoy it immensely, however this is a new generation of video games were DLC and game patches comes out fairly proactively. Which means games can change radically and it can be seasoned to your tasting. Granted there are a myriad of flavors and people have their own tastes in the end it is going to be a dish favored by the majority with a few flaws, but it can still be polished. These same techniques can then be used to further future game development and become adopted into future games rather then accumulating awful trends that are ported into games because the game had success and the developers did not know that one function was actually devaluing rather than valuing.

Ignore people that whine and complain, praise people that offer CONSTRUCTIVE feedback and offer forth PLAUSIBLE solutions to them. This only helps make your game experience better and refine the game itself it even resolves some major issues that somehow sneak into the game. While there is a charm in attempting to work around it, this isn’t Dark Souls.

Rewards, on the other hand, this is something that is intrinsic in every video game. The purpose of the reward is the ‘driving factor’ which is to say there is a goal or ambition that you are attempting to achieve while playing. If it is too outlandish and difficult to achieve the player base will give up and condemn it… If it is too easy people will become bored… Collecting loot and grinding up to a higher difficulty is the point here, the thrill of surviving endless hoards and randomly generated ambushes via elites with complete strangers or known allies. Heroic Deeds are meant to challenge people in that difficulty level with a pre-made group. The rewards are actually very generous, regardless of what people say, you do not need to have a greater power level to achieve the heroic deeds… That is the point of it being a ‘heroic deed’ it lay in the difficulty, as a way to challenge yourself while simultaneously achieving progress, or having a laugh as you struggle through harrowing adventures. I have a blast with the wandering enemy buff… Stormvermin everywhere… I’ve beaten a handful of them and lost my fair share as well.

I somewhat agree, the biggest factor in my enjoyment was going through VT1 maps several times and having special enemies spawn differently, never knowing exactly what’s going to happen and not being able to just play from memory. I liked to look cool, but that’s a given in a multiplayer game, you want your avatar to represent you idea of a character well.

Getting a reward can enhance that aspect though. It’s like in tabletop RPGs, if as a GM I just give my players bunch of +1 weapons it’s only a stat on the character sheet, but if they get loot from a memorable boss, and then they have to pay a ton to restore the item it immediately becomes something cool. For that reason, I think that VT2 drop rate and progression are a bit too fast. Getting something like a drakegun after a couple of hours is a bit cheap.

i love playing the game for the game.

to me, it is the feel of the weapons, the atmosphere, and the music that takes me away.

the crunching, stabbing, slicing, burning, decapitating, shoving, blocking, piercing of ratties and chaos.

the thrill of visualising your attack pattern when 3 stormvermin run towards you, and then executing it perfectly, killing all of them with one heavy strike each.

the rush of fighting a boss perfectly, tanking him/kiting him with 0 damage taken.

the frantic killing when surrounded by a surprise ambush and some specials thrown in for good measure.

struggling to get that final blow in on that chaos warrior that everyone is hacking together on.

These are the end times… but the best times.

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game is great, and fun. have some disagreements about balance but that hasn’t stopped my 150 hours +63 from closed tests

No not really. Quick switch not working is infuriating, enemies spawning right in your face and behind you isn’t acceptable, useless bots do not used ranged properly, stand around in gas clouds and don’t pick up pinged items is infuriating. Every weapon impact sounding like a dull thud even when it’s something sharp like rapier etc.

Feels like a very unpolished game at this point.

Mods cannot come quick enough. Fatshark didn’t fix v1 modders did and the same will be true here.

We are in a different era of gaming currently.

What I consider the golden age of roughly 2005 - 2012 has passed us by. Back then people eagerly made new friends while gaming and we all worked towards new goals just to have fun.

These same people, me included, have clammed up and started treating outsiders as competition and people to troll.

Not sure how we became so intolerant. I’ll probably kick some low level tonight from my champ games.

I do enjoy playing V2 :v2: , or “just playing” games in general.

But once I get into some game I start to see problems and stuff that could be better, so I start poking into it and worrying myself over nonsense stuff.

I like just sitting back and hacking through hordes of skavs :skaven: … with my friends … (carrying me :speak_no_evil: )…

But every now and then you notice some hole and it interrupts that beautiful flow of the game and you are suddenly aware of every problem the game has, not only V2 but games in general, and suddenly you cant enjoy it anymore.

I either go spam forums or change games for a while and then go back, but it doesnt work every time.

Or, maybe, just like in case of WoW, people who put “work” in the game, i.e. understanding game mechanics and farming hours to get items, got replaced by the casual crowd who want everything NOW and with the absolut minimum of effort placed into the game.

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Game is Diamond, really enjoy it

Need a bit polish, but devs show will to work on it…so major annoyances will be fixed soon it seems

I enjoy the core mechanics and gameplay a lot, but since the maps and overall game is so short there probably has to be some sort of reward to work towards, also considering all the awesome banners we got in v1 its a shame not to have a similar system implemented yet! I sunk a lot of time into v1 just to make my inn look perfectly decked out, and also to get that one perfect cosmetic for each of my bros.

Tbh, the only times i have enjoyed this game is when going through the new weapons/enemies and finding the new grims etc. Perhaps, also the deeds and getting to 30 but the team dynamism is just TERRIBLE in this game when you have ironbreaker/waystalker/huntsman so op then give the house away with this horrid natural bond trait that is easily exploitable to the utmost. Plus, I REALLY hate how easy it is to max curse resistance where 2 grims is just an inimical farce now. Moreover, why did they get rid of meaningful trade offs in how your team sets up their traits? also, why get rid of the + no FF to added blast radius and wtf about that gas damage trinket? hmmm

Yup. I’m on board here also. I’m capped 600, did not see single red item after:obraz

I was able to convice third friend to buy a game. So fourth time im going from recruit to vet to make them learn the game. They did not play in V1. I know for a fact that legion is far far away, but I don’t care. Have few friends which I can run champion and I am mega happy about it.
I liked very much V1 but I was able to make iirc only 3 succeful runs on CATA.
I am not any good player nor rly bad. I just enjoy game. I learned all puzzle jumps, they was making me crazy, but not anymore. For me game is beautiful and almost perfect (in terms of gameplay - yes i am aware of many bugs). But I can close my eyes and do not see few things - is better for me that way then be frustraded and see only “evil” in game which should not be realesed yet. I am soooooo glad I can play, and even more that with everynext day more and more of my friends buying the game.

/sorry for my English I know it sux! But the best part is I have fun with game and this is all that matter! =]
Will say this: “Work hard. Have fun. Make history” ;]

I mostly enjoy for playing with friends.