Dockets cap

Would love if the docket cap was raised alot higher. Gives me feeling of $$$ progression.


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Buy a bunch of items. Collect all the traits and Blessings. So many things to do.

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Yeah but 500 tickets at Brunts isn’t a great cap (500 x 10000). Let me stash enough for 2500 Brunt draws, with the current distribution curve it won’t even be nearly enough to do Ogryn. Also increase the dockets gain in general, should be like doubled.

None of that would be needed, if they just fixed the crafting system.

It honestly feels like half of the complaints regarding weapons and all complaints about many other things, can be completely solved by making a good crafting system.


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If I’m prevented from earning more dockets. Maybe an idea would that my dockets earned after a mission would then be transferred and distributed to team mates :smiley:

You could use Brunt’s armoury and you will be fine really fast… he will burn all your money and you will surely get 1 or 2 good grey weapons.

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