Do We Know What Made The Crater In Helmgart?

It’s been bugging me since I started playing. I haven’t heard anything about it in game except for them essentially going “Wow, look at that!”
So I’m wondering if I missed something or if it has been left unclear in the story.

The skaven would have tunneled it and brought it down on purpose. Big part of their tactics.


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But to remove that much earth you need to put it somewhere else. And I don’t see a mountain near Helmgart.

Maybe they pushed it in the Skittergate?

But really, there are so many large caves there that the earth could have been put almost anywhere, even without taking magic into account.

It is a known fact in the warhammer univers: skaven tunneling causes massive collapsing. They have an under empire bigger than imaginable, thus the dirt can easily be send to some deep pit already existing or anywhere else. Its never said in the game but its an obvious fact for the heroes, there are even legend telling of the destruction skaven can inflict on the surface of the earth just by digging.


They probably either collapsed a cave under the city or dug one…or made a warpstone bomb which evaporated a large amount of soil and rock causing the same result.

Giant empty space under town with insufficient support.

Thanks for all the input. I was never heavily acquainted with the Skaven side of the lore.

I strongly recommend goatamon’s ongoing lore series. It’s pretty informative and heckin fun to read. The wiki is a good supplement but if you’re going that deep it’s probably worth actually reading the books imo, as it’s pretty much just one big book report.

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Well if you look closely at the release video when the game came out… you do actually see how the invasion unfolded… at least to a certain extent…

It appears it started with the Skaven pouring up from the sewers attacking from the Temple of Shallaya in the Convocation of Decay map.

While the Northlanders aka Chaos warriors came overland and simultaneously attacked them from the front, while their backs were turned to the internal invasion from below.

But there is nothing in there about the large crevice or collapse of the internal city, only apparently how it started or unfolded.


If we go by the order the missions are presented to players… in essence there are three paths… in this order.

We know the Skittergate was not very operational as of the beginning of Verm 2 as seen in the Prologue adventure with Kruber. So likely they built it later after the initial invasion to allow the Chaos Horde to pour in and fully occupy what is left of the city and use it as a launching point for further attacks on the Empire.

  1. Righteous Stand, Convocation of Decay, Into the Dark, Halescourge…
    We see that Halescourge likely had a large hand in the internal attack. Given all the Chaos scrawl in Convocation, and the human sacrifices, its a good bet they’d corrupted the Temple of Shalaya from the inside, and made contact with the Rats below. For them to use it as an entry point.

  2. Athel Yenlui, Screaming Bell, Fort Bracksenbruke, and Into the Nest.
    This one is a little convoluted as there’s no clear path just a bunch of unrelated things. But Into the Nest shows you the full extent of the Skaven Tunneling under the city and you do see one of the initial attack points in Screaming Bell… they apparently had a city of their own down there.

  3. Against the Grain, Empire in Flames, Festering Ground, and Warcamp.
    This shows the overland attack from the Northland Chaos forces… and sacked cities, raided villages, and other attempts to retrieve Chaos Artifacts. With the Leader of the Chaos attack in Warcamp.

So likely… what I surmise…

Is that they invaded first… then caved in the internals of the city in order to easily move parts to build… and move troops from the Skittergate…

… leaving the city in the current shape its in when the heros arrive.


If you listen to what Olesya says after you complete every level, she gives little tidbits of information around them. She essentially confirms that there were some Nurgle followers working within the city well before the invasion, headed by Halescourge.

She also gives some interesting details about the Skaven and Spinemanglr after the Act 2 missions. I recommend giving them a listen, they may be hints at what’s to come in new missions.

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