DLC Idea - Number of the Beasts

I’m been thinking and working a little on something and here’s an idea for a couple of maps centered on, but not exclusively about, Beastmen. The basic idea is that a Beastlord called “Bloatgor the Pestilent” has allied his herd with the pact-sworn and is trying to impress his fellow Beastmen to follow him and ravage the Reikland. Presumably these maps could be released with a new set of Beastman enemies to expand on this faction.

Some short ideas for the first two maps are below.

Terror in the Woods

Mission 1: Dark Paths

Reports have arrived of a large horde of Pactsworn heading into the Reikwald.

The Ü5 heads after the Pactsworn and follows a trail, which is marked with civilian corpses and the Ü5 comments that it seems like the Pactsworn have been killing those who couldn’t keep up.

Mid-event: Find a grave mound to a forgotten Chaos Champion and get attacked by a whole bunch of Rotbloods who are sacrificing to the dead Champion’s spirit.

Following this the Ü5 continues to move along the trail before they come upon the site of a great meeting, and Beastman and Skaven feast on the captives the pactsworn brought along. There are some runes regarding the alliance between the Pactsworn and the Beastmen leader called “Bloatgor”, with trails showing two groups came here separate and then move away together. Upon investigating the mixed Norscan, Beastman and Skaven runes carved onto a slap of stone, and finding proof of the alliance, an ambush from the Pactsworn starts as the end event.

End Event: At the ambush there are four groups: One with Skaven, one with Rotbloods and two with Beastmen, along with infantry, and possible some specials spawning once the elites have been reduced to powerhaps 1/3 or so of their starting numbers. The Ü5 are attacked from four directions. The basic idea is that it’s a challenge of manoeuvre to not let them trap the heroes between them. I think that that Legend there could be 2 CW and 2 Maulers, 4 Stormvermin and 2 Shieldvermin and 6 Pestigors (as described in another thread) and 6 Bestigors divided in two groups. So it should be 22 elites at once from four directions with the Ü5 starting in the middle. The events end when all original elites have been killed. No further elites are spawned during the event.

After the fight the Ü5 heads off with the Bridge of Shadows and the information about this alliance.

PS: Possible reduce the number of elites in the final event with 1/4 for Champion or add 1/4 for Cata.

Mission 2: A Terrible Feast

The Ü5 continues to follow as the trail has been picked up by one of Lohner’s “friends”. During the map the Ü5 finds some crude idols and paintings of a monster that hints that the Beastmen seems to venerate the beast.

Mid-Event: In a glade in the forest the Ü5 come across a fortified Skaven camp that blocks the path. As the characters approach they are discovered and a alarm is raised. Until the Ü5 can take an explosive barrel and blow up the alarm Skaven will keep spawning. After it’s been blown up no more Skaven will spawn and the characters can continue.

After making it through the woods the heroes come upon a settlement where the inhabitants have been massacred and then piled into an open space, possibly the market. The Ü5 finds a letter there. When reading it, tells them in poor grammar and boastful words that they are in a trap and that the great, mighty, etc. “Bloathgor the Pestilent” will do a lot of bad stuff and get rewarded by the Dark Gods for it, together with his new Rotblood and Skaven friends, right after offering the Ü5 as as snack to Bloatgor’s hungry pet/totem. Then the town gates are shut behind the Ü5 in a cutscene.

Final event: Two monsters arrive, drawn by the smell of the corpses, and discovers the Ü5. A fight against two monsters ensures along with some Beastman support for the monsters. In my opinion at least one of the monsters should be scripted to be a new monster connected with the Beastman faction, released alongside of this DLC. :wink: The other can presumably be a rat ogre that comes with a band of Skaven.

After the fight the Ü5 takes this info back to the keep through the Bridge of Shadows.

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