Disable DLC for heroes

Especially Battle Priest and Sister Thorns are too good.
Either you could just make some new champion countering them but being terrible for rest of heroes or add some DLC OP things making this game pay to win for both heroes and rats not only heroes.

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I think they can be nerfed for PvP, but for now, I too think all DLC heroes should be disabled.

Grail Knight can’t contribute much, so not even much point in having him anyway since all he can do is stagger, and is a powerful melee horde clearer, and elite killer. Can use shield against flame rats. His quests give Health Regen. Even still, he’s like a fish out of water in PvP without the ability to shoot Skaven Players or help downed/disabled allies without having to push his way over to them in melee.

Warrior Priest, amost impossible to kill and can make himself and another player invincible quite often because recruit requires almost nothing to trigger his fury, and by proxy, also trigger’s his ult, with Blazing Bright Talent, which be followed up by using his ult for a frequent 10 second shield of faith through walls and floors on allied players while also protecting himself.

Engineer is a bomb factory starting with 3 and regenning them allowing him to clear out the recruit difficulty hordes easily so the team can press through the mission fast, and he can often follow up with his Crank Gun and mow down players and hordes, and then use an 11 shot Trollhammer to clear hordes and other Skaven players.

SotT buffs everyone’s THP pairing nicely with Mercenary’s Morale Boost, SotT health bonus or Waystalker’s Amaranthe for the team. Can use walls to stop guns/flame, and hitscan instant disable enemy players with the Deepwood.

Necromancer skeletons can be given an attack order on enemy players to have them chase them and hunt them down in spots that the hero team can’t reach, and can use Soulstealer staff to skill enemy players, usually in one-shot, without maintaining line of sight, doesn’t even have to be accurate.

Javelins are an infinite ammo alternative for all elf careers to get around any ammunition limitations with great stagger, easy 1-2 shot on any Skaven Player.

Griffon Foot pistols, been OP since always. They can clear hordes and kill enemy players very fast on Bounty Hunter while also being reloaded and given a free Blessed Shot Crit with one melee kill, and can have crits make everything they hit take 20% more damage.

Spear and Shield is a powerful horde clearing weapon, especially on Mercenary who excels in PvP due to being able to Res downed Hero Players just by using his ult and give everyone +25THP.

The DLC Dual Wield melee weapons (Axe+Falchion, Dual Hammers, Mace+Sword) are still objectively more powerful than most every original weapon from the game able to handle elites and hordes easily.

The Trollhammer can kill Skaven Players through nearby walls and objects in one shot easy, and can kill disables who’ve caught allies, even amidst a horde or patrol.

Even after the Nerf, the Moonfire Bow is another way around having to deal with ammunition limitations sidelines ranged careers by putting it in the hands of a Handmaiden, since on recruit with no weapon properties or power bonuses, the main advantage of most non-dlc ranged careers is only their utility and ammunition bonuses.

I’ve been seeing a lot of players complain about DLC being Pay2Win in PvP. They should disable it entirely for now, and then enable it when they’ve tuned it and rigorously tested it for PvP. If they want a fun casual PvP experience, then they got to make sure it’s not too easy for the hero team to choose paid DLC Weapons and Careers to push the mission fast.


This is basically one half of my idea. I want this mode to literally be VT1 but with VS. So please strip the friggin temp HP, skills and ults from the mode if heroes can still one shot enemies with ease and find infinite ammo stashes. Give the rats a hope.

There doesn’t need to be a wide ‘meta’ for the heroes to play, you shouldn’t even want to be that side for an extended period…please make them nerfed heroes and not just heroes with no trinket traits and level 5 weapons because in Veteran difficulty that is no nerf at all.