Difficulty Level Uber-nitpick

Why are the difficulty levels called like they are now?

Like, I can understand you starting off at Recruit, but why do you go from Recruit to Veteran immediately? Shouldn’t there be ‘Soldier’ in between? And why does Cataclysm break the naming convention? From Recruit to Legend these are descriptions for a person, a rank. There is no rank such as ‘Cataclysm’, you can’t call someone a Cataclysm unless you’re trying to be really mean.

Difficulty level should go from Recruit - Soldier - Veteran - Champion - Legend.

liek iof you agree

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Kerrilian, Bardin, Saltzpyre and Sienna are not soldier so they can’t be named as such

Recruit: People were recruited in a hurry because no one else is there
Veteran: Those people are great at fighting, they are veteran to the whole stick
Champion: Those guys are great, they are our Champion, our saviour, our heroes
Legend: Those Heroes are living Legend

Cataclysm: The situation is cataclysmic

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But they can be named recruits/veterans? The difficulty naming system is not about what we call the U5.

Yeah, exactly. First 4 is about people. Last one is about a situation. Breaks the naming convention. It’d be cooler to have the highest official difficulty level be Legend anyways.

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Veteran and Recruit are not only used in regular army

Recruit would be the civilian fighter and veteran are the best/surviving one

Cata could be renamed, Heroes as Gotrek and Felix are considered as such (iirc)

Pretty sure that’s not how that works. To be a recruit you need to be recruited into something. Like an army or militia. Also, soldier doesn’t mean you have to be from the army either, soldier is just a generic term for fighter or combatant, common military representative etc. Kerillian is a soldier of the wood elves, fighting for the wood elves on the side of order etc.

And again, that’s not how difficulty names work. When you go into recruit difficulty, the U5 aren’t recruits, they’re just fighting against what would be considered a difficulty level for recruits. This is a serious science that I’ve perfected.

A good point, OP, but changing it would create more confusion than everything.
The reason while cata has a different name is that it wasn’t supposed to be there, but people wanted a bigger challenge and that’s how it was called in the first game.

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Perhaps you can view it as a description for what level the enemies are at instead rather than what type the players are.

Recruit - Enemies can be taken down by a recruit.
Veteran - You need more than a silly greenhorn if you wana make it.
Champion - Takes rising above the rank and file to deal with this foe.
Legend - Legendary battles!

Cataclysm - Might bugs of chaos unleashed.


I think Cataclysm follows the V1 naming convention to highlight that it’s not intended to be a part of the normal progression in V2. Cataclysm is even visually set apart from the other difficulties in the difficulty selection screen.


Would you rather have the V1 difficulty titles?


I personally think the V2 names are much better.


That is mainly historically how it came to the naming convention. People said that Legend was to easy and that they wanted back the difficulty of Cataclysm.

So the first part is marketing and “brand” recognition. It gives V1 players an impression on what they have to expect or look Forward to.

The second one is to shut up people asking for Cataclysm. Because if they introduced a new difficulty but named it differently, some people would still ask: “Where is Cataclysm?” etc.
The same could happen if you rename it now. Some people would probably even consider that FS will introduce a new Cataclysm difficulty later on.

Does it fit into the “system” of existing difficulties? No. Then again the naming system is so or so rather boring. If I had to choose some more entertaining names for the different difficulties I would take the approach of One Way Heroics:

  • Walk in the Park (Easy) …
  • Afternoon Stroll (Normal) …
  • Grueling Campaign (Hard) …
  • Inhumane Odyssey (Very Hard) …
  • Maniac Mode (Optional)
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