Difficult to see Medicae positioning

On the map “Excise Vault Spireside-13” there is one difficult to see healing station that I often see newer players that have arrived from Gamespass missing, even low on health. I’m attaching a screenshot below to show which one I am referring to.

Maybe that sideroom could be closed off, or just move the healing station out right in front of the elevator? That way newer players wouldn’t miss it, especially after a difficult crescendo event just before. Thanks


New players miss even incredibly obvious medicae all the time. They’re unaware of when they need it or aren’t even thinking about it. I understand it’s a bit tucked away but I don’t think repositioning the terminal is needed. They’ll learn where it is eventually, whether that’s playing the map a couple times, a teammate directing them at it, or they get heated about dying a bunch after said event and find the info online while venting.

Imo, just drop a ping, chat if you’re feeling generous, and move on / take a heal if they don’t go for it. They’ll naturally acquire game knowledge or quit playing. Either way, no biggie.

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