Developing VerminSkills Pt. I: In-Game and Out-of-Game Development

To go even further, even if you made bad experiences when asking for advice, try again in the next session (with different players, ofc). At some point there will be a helpful soul.

A little story of mine:

I once had a player in my qp group who would always apologize for being ‘bad’, i could see he was trying his best, and he did not gave up. I remembered smth from V1 back in the day, were i would read quotes about veteran players going into easy to help new players get into the flow of the game (even as far as doing that most of their time instead of playing cata); so, i took a heart and asked him if he wanted me to show him the ropes (not my wording at the time). He was super thankful and i told him a couple of things he did not know until then, on movement, positioning, the does and don’t’s in critical situations, attack patterns of weapons and enemies, about 1 1/2 hours in the keep and writing stuff in chat and performing. He soaked it up like a sponge and asked me important follow-up questions, and we played 1 more mission, and i already could see he was trying to perform differently. He also said he would share it with his friends. Months later he asked me out of the blue to play with him, and he was a changed player, really growing on the tips i gave him (and a lot of experience in the meantime, ofc). Had fun and 2 very awesome legend runs (with he and i clutching on two different ends of a horde and boss). I felt a little proud that he learned that much and was still playing and enjoying the game.

I told this not to boast or to be praised, but to give an example that stuff like this can happen. It’s all a give and take, i had a lot of experienced players help me through completing all maps for the careers ( going as far staying for multiple missions and missing out on the qp bonus, i know it’s not something everyone does), so it felt natural for me to give it back to the community.