Developer Update - April 10 - Double XP Active!


Welcome to another developer update.

It’s a short week this week and next, with folks enjoying time out of the ‘office’ to celebrate the season and taking a long weekend. Since we’re working from home, perhaps it just means switching Steam accounts and playing some new releases, or hanging out in the garden with a cold brew. Maybe building legos with the baby sharks (doo doo doo doo doo doo) or learning a new skill, like lock picking, or baking, or something in between. Whatever we’re up to, we hope you have a nice long weekend as well, doing whatever you put your minds to.

Double the XP, double the glory!

Right now, in Vermintide 2, we’ve got Double XP up and running again! This is a bonus weekend and will be running until Tuesday April the 14th . A great time to level your Krubers (seriously, why is he the least picked hero? Sort it out people! He’s a BATTERING RAM!).

Stay home. Stay safe. Level up!

Community Event

We wanted to announce a new community event this week, but due to the shorter week and some unprecedented hitches (largely due to partners and collaborators also feeling the pressures of ‘working from home’) we’re not quite in the spot we wanted to be in to make that a reality.

We’re doing all we can to get that up and running next week however, and will share more news with you when we’re ready to put that live.

Deathwing X Vermintide 2

Right now we’re coop-ing with Focus Home Interactive and anyone who owns Vermintide 2 can avail of a deep discount on Space Hulk: Deathwing

If you own Vermintide 2, you’ll automatically get a 80% off coupon on Space Hulk: Deathwing on Steam and vice versa! The cross-promotion will last 10 days from April 10th at midnight PST until April 20th at 11:59 PM.

Go in the inventory of your Steam profile and find your 80% off coupon ! (You might need to close and relaunch Steam if you were logged in when the coupon was granted)

Now is your time to get into the Warhammer universes and discover two unique experiences. You’ve mastered the art of fighting the Ratmen, why not try your hand against the Genestealers?


Kruber is the least picked hero?
Even though he has such a magnificient 'stache?
I always reckoned it would be Sienna… Because the Overheat mechanic is a bit bothersome for newer players.
I’ll give him some action.

By the way for anyone wondering:


You might need to close and relaunch Steam if you were logged in when the coupon was granted (for those who may be missing coupons)


So no news about that yet, I suppose?

And I honestly thought that of all characters Sienna or Bardin are the least picked ones, but hey, the more you know, I guess. Enchanter’s Lair might raise Huntsman numbers, though, because he’s a real boon in that fight, especially with a Blunderbuss.

Will be a while before we talk in detail about season 3 :slight_smile:


What about deeds or other QoL ?

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What about Versus hehe :cowboy_hat_face:

Is it FK Kruber which isn’t as highly picked?

I swear every game I join has an Exe Sword Merc in it. All of his Careers are fun.

A great time to level your Krubers (seriously, why is he the least picked hero? Sort it out people! He’s a BATTERING RAM!).

A Bettering Ram whos ram malfunctions completely in 1 out of 10 occurrences, which most likely gets you punched in the face. The “kneeling” also still gets overwritten by all sorts of stagger, which makes enemies teleport, no standing up animation, into “iam fine and did just got normally staggered” position.

Thanks for the double as fast com chest weekend. Some news about what gets worked, or planed to get worked on in the near future would be nice.

Is double XP active for the Console versions?

FK and HS aren’t very forgiving of Mistakes, at least at Legend.

Also if new people are going ranged they pick the Queen of Infuriation, HRH Princess of Pi$$-off-into-the-distance-and-die. If they’re going Tank they go IronBreaker+SetFireToEveryone.


Oh come on, when I stopped building my FK for power and damage, I started having the time of my life playing Legend QPs. Absolutely satisfying experience crushing all the foul faces with a great hammer.

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Kruber is the least played? I’m almost at +500 Levels :grin: by far my most played!


Space hulk deathwings isn’t an abandonned game by the dev 2 years ago by the way ?

I’ve tried it out.
The plot seems alright, altough I had to read me through the wiki to understand the plot because I just wasn’t that familiar with Warhammer 40k lore.
The Gameplay seems ok. Missions seem a bit repeated. Combat is ok. The melee seems a bit boring. The Bot AI is definetly not good. Has problems with fighting special enemies.

Overall is it worth the 8 €? Meh. Definetly get some friends to play it with to avoid the bad bot AI.

Yeah i’ve tried it, since i’ve tried it and refunded it before when it was 20€. 8€ seems fair to ask some friends to play with maybe ?

But after playing anybody can tell how lack of polishing this game have : the menus, the lack of overall informations about Talents, upgrades and many other criticals informations ( like talent cooldown, duration)
Upgrades are a big mess too, you can buy an upgrade for 5% armor for around 4 000 credits or wait for 15 000 to buy a 20% armor one wich is like only 3 level up worth of credits ??.

Definetly get some friends to play it with to avoid the bad bot AI.

The AI is kinda dumb barely usefull ( like vermintide AI ) But good for healing.
Do you know that there’s no bots in multiplayer ? meaning you need 3 friends to have a complete team.
That lead to a restricted classes if you have not enough people, since there only one way to heal.

So yeah at this point 8€ seems okayish but remember the game doesn’t have updates anymore so it wont get polished, i cannot recommend it at all.

I made it halfway through mission 2, and thought “This really belongs in the toilet.” Everything about it is sewerage. The Guns, The walking, the speech, the enemies (Are there even different types? what do they do?Do I remotely care) The AI, The UI, the general slowness of …everything. Even the menu’s open up slowly.

Turning up the darkness to a point it looks like my monitor is broken made a little difference in that I could see vaguely what was going on, but simply spraying anything and everything with bullets indiscriminately and hoping things die isn’t conducive to any kind of tactical gameplay.

If I’d paid £35 for it I’d be drinking even more heavily during my current incarceration.

Please can someone mention(… @Fatshark_Hedge) that if FS made 40k:HereticTide playing as an Inquisitor and his Kill Team they’d probably have a swimming pool full of money each. GW are handing their IP out to any old muppets at the moment so someone who has already proven they’re capable should get the gig easily?