Dev Activity READ THIS=?

Soo, Do devs even read this forum? I see literally 100s of posts and NOT a single answer from Devs or community manager. You do realize your VT fanbase is LITTERALLY what keeps this game rolling by now yea?

Why why did you leave a great VT2 formula for whatever shitshow this is?

No red items to “grind for”


No availability of weapons in stores - ON TOP of NO Crafting. - are you TRYING to aggrevate your players? - what’s the bleeding idea behind making EVERYTING annoying.
From the needless Run down central corridor, to RANDOM perks of RANDOM strength to RANDOM weapons in shops at RANDOM TIMES >:(

The fact that the rewards you get are useless 99,9% of the time don’t help either…
“another pistol for my psyker”

The base of the game is excellent visuals, fun fighting play- you nailed that!
All the weapons seem usable, albeit some are clearly better (fine too)
The Music is great, the level design is awesome! - but we DO NEED MORE LEVELS or more routes through them. By now we’ve seen it all. Dynamic levels are fun too.

Whats the idea with locking perks? - again it SEEMS you have done everything humanely possible to pi** of your player base, when all you had to do was make VT3 ala WH40k style

Also your Board “anti swearword script” is really anoying


They’ve always said they read these forums but prefer not to comment where possible as they feel by interacting they bias the feedback given here. That’s what they’ve said in the past (years ago from memory). The community posts seem to be their main form of communication currently, I’ll be curious to see what the next one says.


Once in a blue moon you see a dev answering some technical questions about game mechanics. Otherwise it’s just CMs.

Anyway I don’t think anyone with decision making power even looks at the forum feedback, even if relayed to him by a CM.

Would surprise me at the very least.


of course they read it, well not all of them but , well think about it you would wouldnt you?

i would imagine they are either banned or too smart to post.

its like talking to the police “what you say may be taken down and used against you” thier posts would be disected, taken out of context, used in bad faith arguments and treated as legal decrees where any deviation is proof of catastrophic malfeasance


if i had thousands of “crazy” fans i would never post too :smiley: if someone actually posted something smart or constructive we can talk.

it would be nice to be able to disassemble bad items and craft ideal items

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or just scrap shop/crafting and weeklies and give as perfect 100% weapons from start, problem solved we dont even need to play anymore. sorry im sarcastik a**shole :smiley:

Depends on whether you play for the fun of it or…
… to be happy because you get a virtual item with some weird numbers on it which make you feel like you achieved something or your dozens of hours grinding for it weren’t a complete waste?

sorry for being a sarcastic a**hole

I guess

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Well, that saves us the trouble of calling you one then.

But seriously: If FS would really just scrap the entire shop, and upgrading, and weeklies and would literally just give us perfect 100% weapons with free choice of properties the game would literally improve by several magnitudes. Then only the fact that you can’t freely pick map, difficulty, and modifiers needs to be fixed, and the game would be literally perfect.

You said that “we wouldn’t need to play anymore”, I say we would be free to actually play. Nobody gives a crap about grinding for weapons. Just let us play the game without arbitrarily jumping through hoops. My playtime would skyrocket without the shït RNG at every corner that Darktide currently is.


If after levelling to L30 you can have a single feasible heresy/damnation build only by sheer luck, that’s either poor design or deliberate toxic design.


lots of people do care for grinding, however most understand a grind that inevitably leads to your goal
with the rng in place its hard to even call this a grind, this is more like a slotmashine.
put in time and watch it get washed away


The point is that you know you will eventually - and not after the insane amount of time - get there. Which is definitively not the case here. And you need it more than in VT2 because this is so barebones that I think it would have been better if the FS just said ‘ok, we are doing a simple FPS, no story, just 4 classes. We will be selling cosmetics, but as for the rest, choose and customize your weapons at will as they get unlocked.’ It would still be a significant downgrade from the VT2, but it would at least not antagonize as this mishmash does.

Unfortunately, that would further stress lack of mission content. So the hub also serves the purpose of slowing down the players in that regard.

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as it currently is i don’t think theres a guarantee that you will recieve a specific item like ever,
i could play 2 weeks and have everything, or play 10years and still miss the most basic weapon, all i need to do is not be online at the right time…


They just need to replace the crafting and item system with VT2s weave forge system. Have the resources used to upgrade your weapon be the crafting materials collected from maps.


Yes. If you are lucky, you get exactly what MagnusTheRed sarcastically implied the players wanted and if you are not there is nothing you can do except continue buying the lottery tickets ad nauseam.

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yea shop is 99,9% time useless for ppl who want 5*80% weapons, weekly rewards i just have like 5k-7k whatever curency is if i see somethink nice so i can buy it. ppl see V2 like first love it was perfect, but it was not. i have seen more red trinkets and ranged weapons from chests for my characters then melee weapons. i dont have most yet 800h in. crafting in DS is somethink different, do i like it or not? its not whole yet and i dont know how red/orwhatever will be implemented in game. when i fail mission its not weapons that fail its ppl or bad luck mostly ppl :smiley: seeing psyker kill crusher in cc with flame is fun but why not pop his head from save distance? weapons dont kill mutants ppl do.
we can grind for weapons or fs will just put in shop so you can buy best in slot for money like in other games like this, will that respect players time and effort? some may say yes.

I have 763 hrs on VT2 and still go bak once in a while because:

Red items can be disassembled and remade into red.
I play with different builds.
There are 24 classes.- abd they do play differently
Love the feel and visuals of the game - I do with DT too.
They kept adding new levels.
There are still secrets to explore if you dont cheese online.
Chaos wastes campaigns are fun.

I had no beefs with VT2 on release, no CTD, and did feel like I was advancing through a story.

In DT the story is sadly lacking - I understand it might be expanded on in DLCs (Welcome to the Inquisition" litterally last cinematic, I assume its because “now the real work starts” - - except ITS NOT HERE YET! -.- so instead of feeling cool, its just… guess Ill play next char up now