Demonhost HP on diff 2

Well when i played diff 2 with randoms on my low level Sharpshooter it wa Fun to see a Demonhost and Fight it. However, the HP on that thing is too high for difficulty 2. I mean, whats the Powerlevel of a low level character.
I heard all over, yes Demonhosts do shitton of dmg, but have very low HP.
NO, it had a huge HP Pool for low level Characters.
We have no Armor Piercing o high Damage Weapons for the most part. NOt even with a Zealot Ult and or Vet`s Ult and Headshotting was this thing taken down. It was nuts.

Its not a Glasscannon like i heard or thought.
NOT eve with a Team that shoots that thing all at the same time were we able.

So less HP and DMG on the lower Diffs would be noice.

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Have to agree with this statement.
The boss is solid and has a smaller hitbox.