Deeds now power locked?

Just tried to do a Legend deed with 2 low level players and an error message popped up saying the party didn’t meet the power level requirement.

I didn’t get a chance to screenshot it as the people left and the message went away but I’m pretty sure it said the requirement needed was 900 power :laughing:

Idk who’s bright idea it was to put a cap on the already dead deed system but it’s listed NOWHERE in any of the recent patch notes and there has never been a deed power cap before.

Please revert as I can’t share my deeds with people who need/want them because of the new power cap restriction.

All I have are legend deeds and some players are trying to complete their deed challenges for the frame(s). Deeds have a HORRENDOUS drop rate. If you’re planning on putting a power restriction on them then please increase the drop rate.

Thank you.