Deed Modifier Idea - Protector

Simply put, a player is randomly selected at the beginning of the level, has a unique color to their character outline, and you lose the run if they die. Maybe include some AI director tweaks that make specials more likely to target them.

Combined with increased specials, or “all ambients are elites” with “tougher elites” it would be a little nail-biting, but combined with “players die when knocked down” or “players do not respawn” it would be a nice deed for the masochists.

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For added fun, if there are bots on the run ensure that one of them is the VIP.

But honestly, while there is some merit in this and it sounds kind of interesting, I think turning the game into an escort mission (which seem to be near-universally hated in the gaming community) isn’t necessarily the best option, especially as the one being escorted can just play horribly defensively, and if they happen to play, say, Ironbreaker (competently), can already be near-impossible to kill. So I suspect this would turn things very boring for one player and annoying for others.

“Ok we gotta keep WHC alive”



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Anyone remember as_oilrig? There’s a reason why assassination game mode never stuck around in CS.

Apart from Yoshi’s Island, escort-missions have NEVER been fun in any game. Same with sewer levels :wink:

that’s because escort missions in games are normally driven by dumber than dumb AI.

he’s talking about player escort though, and through a deed which is optional.

interesting idea, altho i would say a very easy one compared to the other modifiers lol

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