Dec 21, 2022

I’d say something! I wouldn’t expect people to go weeks without some sort of a response. “I’m sorry” or “We screwed up” can go a very long way. Admission of, and acceptance of responsibility means something to people. Had they admitted their error and apologized for real, I think you’d see a lot more sympathy and patience. Now I could be wrong. Some people just suck. But most of us I hope would have at least said to ourselves, “Well at least they admitted they were wrong…ok I’ll chill out and hope they fix some stuff.” Instead we got some interview with some Exec I don’t give a crap about, telling the world he’s lovin it! It’s great! It’s perfect and they love the results! As I said, another slap in the face.
I see your point though and I agree that even my anger is not helpful.

You’re right. I added him in the ignore list forever.
Lesson learnt, at least… I think :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

While I dont agree with some of the flaming going on, we purchased a product expecting it to meet the most BASIC requirements for a video game at launch - a playable experience which includes most (if not all) of the features they’ve advertised.

Id be pretty pissed off too. This has become a norm in the gaming industry and it should not - and will not - be acceptable behavior.

If they don’t choose to communicate, so be it, thats on them. We didnt kill the majority of the playerbase, they did.

All of the features advertised, because to do less than that is to sell a product fraudulently and that is illegal at least where I am from.

And the definition of fraud I am referring to is this
“wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.”

Now the truth is all the game companies higher ups that do this as of late know it is a lot of effort to take them to court, costs a lot of money and is very time consuming so 99.99999% of customers will not do this so they profit, welcome to video game capitalism.

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