Dead game

I have played the game for 3 weeks now and it’s time to put it away because it has no story or continuity, the weapons are useless unless you use a bolter or flame thrower (so glad xbox game pass was free) so glad I never wasted any money on this game, this could have been a good game but they spent to much time on the graphics and my high end computer struggles with the high settings. I can play any game on my computer in ultra high but not darktide?

  1. Not a bug
  2. Ok

What resolution? 1080p High without DLSS on a 3080 I’m getting 140fps or so.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

What exactly is this post meant to achieve other than showing us you’ve not really engaged with the mechanics at all and it’s just not your thing?

Like why post this? Is it bait? It’s certainly not feedback.

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your post is all nonsense lol